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Bombarded with Mustangs

Bombarded with Mustangs

In a week, the world will end I’ll finally start my holidays! Only, it’ll be more like ‘work’ for me. I’ve just started writing my new book so I’ll be working on that, while hunting for jobs. Sigh, I’m work obsessed. But that counter (2.3 years left!) isn’t going to wait for me to make enough dough.

Anyway, I went to my [sixth?] Krav Maga lesson on Thursday. Some of the members weren’t there, so we didn’t learn those James Bond-like rolls. Instead, we were taught how to punch. First we were made to run around a circle and punch this pad whenever we went past it; yeah, it hurt like hell. After he taught us how to do it properly, I think everyone was surprised. You have to squeeze your fist as tight as you can, and put your thumb at the side of your fist, not pointing out or in. And punch with your index finger and middle finger knuckles leading.

It was kind of embarrassing at some point when the instructor asked us to come out one by one and punch left whenever he shouted “left!” and vice versa. Everyone did it properly, but when it was my turn, I started maniacally punching left when he shouted right. That was a big face-palm moment.

For now, one of my biggest frustrations is my mother’s Reader’s Digest magazines. Although they’re made for older people, I find them incredibly addicting. What’s annoying is how with every issue you’re sure to get a bunch of green papers falling out, exciting you for a while as you think it’s money. Nope. It’s actually as fake as monopoly money.


In other news, my dad requested me to download him Poker Stars on my iPad (which I don’t really use anymore due to its brainwashing), bringing back wonderful poker memories. Sigh. I should start playing again. I mean, it’ll be really useful if I’m low on money and come across a bar in the middle of Texas one day! Back on topic, I also looked through my old iPad photos and pictures. I was bombarded with Ford Mustangs. Where the hell did I find them from? Now, there don’t seem to be any good ones on the internet.

I’m going to go now and put images in my other post from Tuesday since I didn’t have time then. Bye 🙂


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There’s a dead baby outside!

“Did I tell you there’s a dead baby outside?” My dad grins as I enter the living room.
“WHAT?!” I frown and run to the window, scanning the area. No dead baby. “Yeah, ok,” I shake my head. 
And then suddenly, my eyes widen at the sight. A dead baby. 

No, guys. There wasn’t an actual dead baby outside. It was just a doll from the fat toddler that lives on the first floor and occasionally appears to annoy us.

The first time I saw it I nearly pissed myself. How the hell was the baby wearing white clothes? The people on the first floor can afford white clothes? They have a washing machine? 

I kid, I kid (dead baby kid). Now, whenever my dad sees anyone, he makes sure to say “There’s a dead baby outside!” or “Honey, we should call the police! There’s a dead baby outside!”

Yes, that’s the actual baby. Yesterday it was on the wet floor, so thank God someone put it on a stone bench. It was also raining, so those are the ghostly orbs you see (or they could be the dead baby’s ghost family!)

Today I was an ill idiot, so I stayed at home and read a billion poker books. Ahh, poker. The reason I still have hope. You can lose everything you have in one hand, but also gain everything you could ever wish for in another.

I was reading Shut up and Deal this morning, and I came across the story of the monkeys. I don’t know where the book is now, and I can’t be bothered to get it out and type away a whole page, so I’ll summarize it in my own words:

If you give a monkey a typewriter and let his randomly bang away at the keys, you’ll no doubt produce a sheet full of crap. But in between the random “fsghd”s, you’ll come across a word that makes sense. Add more monkeys, and you’ll still get a load of crap, but among all that they’ll have produced a coherent sentence. 

Now, if you get an infinite amount of monkeys, and an infinite amount of typewriters, and an infinite amount of time, they’ll eventually produce works of Shakespeare. 

Awesome, huh? Just like the main character Mickey, that story will now be stuck in my mind forever.

Man, yesterday I randomly logged into a PokerStars table, and guess what my first cards were? A♦ and K♦. Now, after losing a considerable amount of money yesterday, I raised like hell (that Zeppelin song also got me pumped up). Guess what the flop was? Q♦, J♦, 9♦. I already had a damn flush, oh holy hell. And I had the nut flush too! With a ROYAL FLUSH on the horizon! Then… K♣. Ok, awesome. Still waiting for that royal flush! 10♣. I didn’t get the royal flush, but I had a straight. A damn good straight. And I robbed 5,500 chips off some poor fellows. 

Yeah, yesterday was my “it” day! Ok, so I’ll be off playing poker. After all, I do need $400,000 something by the end of 2 1/2 years. 

PS. I’ve also added a “Follow Me” thingy at the sidebar, just to let you know I have a Twitter.


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