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Bombarded with Mustangs

Bombarded with Mustangs

In a week, the world will end I’ll finally start my holidays! Only, it’ll be more like ‘work’ for me. I’ve just started writing my new book so I’ll be working on that, while hunting for jobs. Sigh, I’m work obsessed. But that counter (2.3 years left!) isn’t going to wait for me to make enough dough.

Anyway, I went to my [sixth?] Krav Maga lesson on Thursday. Some of the members weren’t there, so we didn’t learn those James Bond-like rolls. Instead, we were taught how to punch. First we were made to run around a circle and punch this pad whenever we went past it; yeah, it hurt like hell. After he taught us how to do it properly, I think everyone was surprised. You have to squeeze your fist as tight as you can, and put your thumb at the side of your fist, not pointing out or in. And punch with your index finger and middle finger knuckles leading.

It was kind of embarrassing at some point when the instructor asked us to come out one by one and punch left whenever he shouted “left!” and vice versa. Everyone did it properly, but when it was my turn, I started maniacally punching left when he shouted right. That was a big face-palm moment.

For now, one of my biggest frustrations is my mother’s Reader’s Digest magazines. Although they’re made for older people, I find them incredibly addicting. What’s annoying is how with every issue you’re sure to get a bunch of green papers falling out, exciting you for a while as you think it’s money. Nope. It’s actually as fake as monopoly money.


In other news, my dad requested me to download him Poker Stars on my iPad (which I don’t really use anymore due to its brainwashing), bringing back wonderful poker memories. Sigh. I should start playing again. I mean, it’ll be really useful if I’m low on money and come across a bar in the middle of Texas one day! Back on topic, I also looked through my old iPad photos and pictures. I was bombarded with Ford Mustangs. Where the hell did I find them from? Now, there don’t seem to be any good ones on the internet.

I’m going to go now and put images in my other post from Tuesday since I didn’t have time then. Bye 🙂


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Normalcy Sucks

Normalcy Sucks

I was about to title this Possibilities but that’s cheesy. How do you spell possibilities again? Aha, thank you spellchecker! I had a mini ‘does professor have a double p or double s?’ moment there.

Well, *clears throat*, before I start this post I would like to ask you lovely people…Oh, whatever, let me just say it the way I normally would. Please vote for me! I entered a story in a competition and if I ever become a billionaire I promise I’ll give you $1000 if you vote for me 😀 Here! It’s free to download or you can also read it here. But those five stars are begging you to be clicked, so please, don’t leave them hanging.


Anyway, I’ve been thinking about my life. Only I had an iPod in my hand as opposed to a beer, which older people would have been holding. Where will I go? What will I do? I’ve always known that I want to roadtrip America in a Mustang, but what would happen if I just succumbed to geekness and went to university (shudder)?

There’s nothing wrong with uni, I guess (apart from the fact that you’ve lived more than 1/4 of your life by the time you get out — and spent it rotting in textbooks studying the complex structure of fungi). It’s just not for me. I mean, intermediate maths is enough, man! When am I ever going to use x squared minus fifty-thousand y in real life? Plus, you can’t even compare a dusty school to badass roadtrips! What do you think?

But let’s just say I completely forget about my dreams (gasp) and take the boring route in life.

I suddenly start revising like mad >> I get As in everything (I’m not saying I didn’t kiss my report card in real life, though!) >> I go to college >> I go university >> I die of boredom >> I’m resurrected into a painfully boring office job.

I’m NOT taking that path. Let’s go down another one…

I quit education >> I clean the streets >> I get knifed by some ‘hey bro look at my moves!’ kid and die.

Oops. Not quite what I wanted either. And finally…

I learn martial arts, and awesome skills such as gun shooting >> I make money from my books >> I buy a Mustang and a couple’a classic rock tapes >> I go on the road!! >> Hells yeah roadtrip!

Yeah!! That! That! That’s what my little counter there in the sidebar is for. Only 2.4 years left! 🙂

Of course, I’m going to get people telling me it’s childish, or I deserve to put my knowledge into something else. My parents will kill me, my teachers will kill me. “Oh, why can’t you be like everyone else?” will ring in my ears. But you see guys, I don’t want to be normal. I don’t want to be another piece in the damn jigsaw of our brainwashed society. I have a life — a whole life! Why would I want to be like everyone else? So think about that whenever your parents or whoever tell you, “Why can’t you be normal?”

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Mustangs, coffee and cats

Hey again!

I’m so busy today :/ I’v been editing this blog, writing books and trying to publish stuff. But let’s talk about the new look!

The background is now peachy pink and brown, it needed to look more colorful anyway. Also, there are 3 new images in the sidebar! Whoopee! My favorite CAR (which I’m getting!!) a MUSTANG, coffee beans (because I just love coffee and it inspires me to write), and a CAT (I have a cat, and cats make everything look cosier). 

I’m really enjoying using different colors, maybe it should become a permanent thing :/ 

I still need to change some things up a bit more, but I’m not sure. I don’t want to overdo it like some celebrity’s face.

So see you guys later 😀 I’m off to write more and publish more and try and make money more and etc etc until I have enough dough to get out of here 😀


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