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Smashing Cones

My school has a tank full of water for when you’re thirsty. So what, you say? Well, they’re cone shaped. So it’s kind of easy to stab yourself or an enemy with them. Just saying. Not a very good thing to implement in a school where people get in fights for a living.

Anyway, I went to my fifth Krav Maga lesson on Thursday, and I think I smashed half my face in. We were doing these falling techniques. The instructor pushed us over, and then we were supposed to fall into a push up. The partner I was with pushed me with the force of air resistance on a plane door and I just about died.

But then came the Parkour type rolls, that I had been practicing at home anyway, so I was the best at that! 😛

I don’t really have anything else to say. I’m just watching the Fix Factor X Factor and listening to random songs. Sigh.

Oh wait, I do have something to tell you! It’s my cousin’s birthday today, and I hope the world ends on the 21st! There have been some NASA rumors going around, that they said there will be a blackout starting from the 21st, lasting three days. Holy crap I hope so 😀

Anyway, bye for now 🙂


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Mother Tongues

Mother Tongues

Guys, something hit me yesterday and I’ve just realized that I’m forgetting my own mother tongue. I came to England when I was nearly six, so just a little less of a decade has passed. I still speak fluent Bulgarian to my parents and family members, but when I’m at school, I obviously can’t do that (well, I tried once. Guess if it worked out?).

So this morning, I’ve been constantly listening to Bulgarian songs and trying to think in the language. It’s gonna be pretty tough though, since when I’m writing books in English, it’s impossible.

I’m so scared of forgetting it, I’m beginning to think I should scrap all my future in other countries and languages, and move back to Bulgaria. Gah, I don’t know! What would you guys do?

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad

Anyway, in Krav Maga we learned how to defend ourselves against kicks. It was a good lesson, since I love to kick really high. Unfortunately, I was paired up with a little kid who didn’t really know what he was doing. It doesn’t matter, at least I’ll learn how to kick ass.

In other news, I keep procrastinating (how the hell do you even write that word?), so my book has not budged…a word. Some of the planning is done, though. The book I’m talking about it ‘The Question’; you can see more about it here, even though it’s probably just a sentence.

Why did I choose to do creative things? They're so hard!

But, I’ve done one thing! I’ve finished my new digital art thingy! I think it’s a slight improvement from the last one, but there are still a few problems. What do you think? I’m just happy I did something for a change 🙂

Another thing I need to ask you guys: What should one do to look more girly? I’m obviously female, it’s just I’ve sort of tomboyed it out till now, and it’s beginning to have an effect on my confidence (and attractiveness). I don’t know what to do with my ponytailed hair, whether to splodge on make up, or to just call it a day and remain ugly.

So, bye for now 🙂

PS. The new blog plan is working out for now!! 😀


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Spanish and Training

Spanish and Training

It seems like I don’t post much any more, doesn’t it? 😦 I’ve just been so busy, and so many things have changed, but I’m here to post again!

A few days ago, I wrote the THE END to my book, so it’s finished! Well, not completely. Most of it is unrealistic and I need to change a LOT, but at least I’ve finished the first draft! I also visited the library today and borrowed A TON of chic flick books. What? I need some happiness in my life. Now all I seem to be reading are cheesy books, and spy books.

Anyway, if you want to know more about my book, then click here 🙂 I’ll reveal more as the second draft pushes on.

I’ve been learning Spanish Every. Single. Day. Sorry, school, but twice a week is absolute crap. Babies don’t learn how to speak by listening a teacher drone on 3 hours or so a week. They’re surrounded by it. So far, I think I’ve progressed more in two weeks than in the past year! 😀 Estoy feliz!

I’ve been learning using a lot of books and powerpoints, but there’s this really good BBC interactive drama called Mi Vida Loca. It’s for beginners, so if you’ve wanted to learn Spanish for ages and don’t know where to start, pick this! It’s fun and easy! I’m not really a beginner, but I’m still learning things from it.

I’m gonna learn French and German and…probably Korean xD It’s extremely useful to know languages, ya know. It’s kind of awkward trying to talk to a foreigner in broken English and hand motions.

I’ve also been…training myself? I started teaching myself a little parkour and I’ll be starting martial arts soon. I’m going swimming too. Did you know I learnt how to swim in…a not very safe way? I guess it should have been safe, but…

A few years back, our school paid for weekly swimming lessons in some swimming pool. They put me in the deep end in a mistake, and when I nearly drowned they didn’t bother to fish me out. Then they made us jump in and tread water. I didn’t even know how to freestyle swim back then! I was so scared, I knew I was gonna die if I didn’t suddenly learn how to tread water. I jumped in, spluttered around…

Then started treading water. How? I don’t know. Suddenly, I knew how to. It’s like this instinct that pushed out. And I suddenly knew how to swim. It just goes to show that we can all do things, and it’s just that we need a scary shove to get it out of us. Anyway, I learnt how to swim pretty well and faster than others due to that event. 😀

But I’m starting to go swimming regularly now. It really builds up your arm muscles and it’s so useful. I know I’m not a man, but I really want to learn how to do EVERYTHING. Our ancestors didn’t survive by living their life off benefits or junk food. They didn’t survive by singing or acting. They did it by fighting and using their skills. So, yeah. That’s what I’ll do.

Do you think you could survive next to this lot by doing pointless things like office-management and stacking cans of bean soup in your local supermarket? No. I know there aren’t any of these beasts left over, but still, knowing how to fight, swim and whatever is always cooler than sitting boxed up all day with no skills on your back.

How did we get to talking about pre-historic creatures from the subject of me wanting to learn new things? Sigh.

I also couldn’t sleep much last night. I made the mistake of letting my cat in my room and he wouldn’t stop meowing. I think he was talking in his sleep on something. Anyway, I got up at 3am and moved rooms, lol. Then I had a dream that Obama wanted to kill me, so he teamed up with my family and then all my teeth fell out. Isn’t dreaming about teeth falling out bad luck? I always dream it 😦 Every. Single. Night. I’m doomed 😦

Guys, if anyone is reading this (because the daily visits to this blog fell :(), then do you have any suggestions on what else I could learn to do? Something along the lines of swimming or parkour or whatever. Those sort of skills.

Also, since I’m trying to write more, do you have any ideas you’d like to see down on paper and made into a book? Thanks 😀

PS. I’m a really weird person. I like muscle cars and Led Zeppelin and action movies and all things badass, yet I’m a total bookworm and write books. How did this happen?

PSS. Hey! This is my 50th post! Awesome! Maybe I’ll do some give-away or something when we get to 100…

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