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Reasons The World Should And Shouldn’t End

Reasons The World Should And Shouldn’t End

We’re all aware of the 21st December 2012 theory, right? I used to piss myself at the mention of it, before I read somewhere that the world as we know it will end in 2032, not 2012. But before you start panicking, read this, which NASA themselves wrote about the matter.

– Reasons the world should end –

Awkward silence. There are reasons it should end? Yup, there are.

We got one planet, one little sweet Earth, and we killed her. I watched Apocalypto a few days ago, and the people seemed so close to the Earth! Maybe a little violent, but they weren’t limited in any way. You want to take a bath in the river? Okay, you can just jump in the one right outside your hut. Now, we probably have to notify a bunch of people of our intentions, make sure it’s allowed, and potentially face charges. People, we don’t connect to the planet anymore.

red lily

Seriously, look at animals, then look at our race. We don’t even look like we belong here! We did a few millions of years ago, when we wore fresh leather and had hair all over the place. Now it’s obvious we don’t belong here. For the superstitious  there is even a theory that Satan created our race, and we didn’t naturally evolve like all the other animals.

We’re destroying everything. Every three minutes, the size of five football pitches of rainforest is being deforestated! Everyone lives their life day for day; no one wants to take responsibility. Then, when the rumors of our world ending pop up, people start thinking about spaceships and moving to other planets. Yeah, are you going to ruin Mars as well?


Technology has gone too far. Seriously. IPods, iPads and now mini iPads? What, so you need three sizes of the same thing? And apparantely, cars can now drive themselves. Even more time for you to text someone about how big the size of the thing you just excreted was! And those Google Glasses? I don’t want to constantly be connected to the internet! My dad makes these jokes that one day, the toilet will need to search for a connection to the internet before you’re allowed to take a piss.

Everyone’s scared of killer robots, yet people continue trying to make them. Look, buddy. One day, those robots (if they have a mind of their own, which the stupid scientists are trying to achieve inventing) are going to realize we’re controlling them. They’re not going to like that we turn them on and off whenever we want, and use them for experiments, like slaves. Then they’re going to rebel. And you think we’re going to win? Those metal bastards will have the whole internet at their hands. What do we have? A phone with it’s slow network (a Nokia might help, you know, with it’s amazing unbreakability).

In the end, we’re all just corrupting our Earth.

– Reasons why the world shouldn’t end –

Firstly – I would not want to live through any kind of cataclysm – the 2012 movie didn’t look like good fun at all. Secondly, if the world end, no only do we die, but so do all the animals! Yeah, that’s right! All those cute little sneezing pandas and teacup pigs that did nothing to wrong anyone! In fact, the only living things that do stand a chance of survival is bacteria. Mhm, those little brats that made you sneeze all over the celebrity that visited your school. How would you like that?

If the world ends, everything in our life goes to waste. Everything we’ve ever created. Everything our ancestors carefully designed (and got help from aliens), like the Maya pyramids or the Pyramids of Giza. Everything. Yup, that clay statue you made in first grade, too. Our discoveries, memoirs, pointless graffiti.


For those still in school, the dreaded school being will be the last thing they see. Our school’s last day is on the 21st December. Freakin’ awesome.

We deserve a chance, and we deserve hope. If the Earth calls it quits (or the Sun goes all Angry Birds on us), it’s the end of everything.

So what do you think? Should or shouldn’t the world end?

Note: The world won’t end, we will. See how egoistic we are, thinking we are the world?


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Cats and origins

I’ve been editing my Tumblr. It’s now called fiery–origin. It used to be thescarletcat, but that’s not very Tumblr sounding, is it? I changed the theme, the description, and pretty much everything. If you visit, you see a lot of cats and nature.

Anyway, the name came from the Blue Oyster Cult song, Fire of Unknown Origin. I was scrounging for Led Zeppelin url possibilities, but everyone had grabbed ’em and ran away, leaving just one post on their new and fresh Tumblr. They then abandoned them.

You should visit if you like photos of insanely cute cats and puppies, and summer or nature and color. Basically, if you have a soul. Just kidding, go there if you want. I’m just sayin’, you never know, you might find the answer to life… (what the hell am I talking about…ok, new topic!)

In school, we watched a movie in Spanish. It was called Valentin. An 8 year old aspiring to be an astronaut, is raised by his grandmother (or, basically, he raises her, but let’s carry on). He meets his dad’s 4125232th girlfriend, and then scares her off by saying his dad doesn’t like Jews. Other things ensue. There were a lot of weird things uttered which an 8 year old shouldn’t be saying, but hey, that’s Argentina, I guess they’re like that.

Oh crap, I’v got another 10 pages of Science homework to finish. Still, it’s better than the 32 I had yesterday. I’ve got a big bunch of exams coming up after 2 weeks, and I’m going to fail. I’ve got 2 geography ones, 1 science, 1 English, 1 maths and another Spanish. Damn.

Talking about Spanish, I’ve got another pen pal! So now I have two Spanish pen pals! Hehe! ¡Viva España!

Just because I don’t have a lot of things to say today and I want to promote my Tumblr, let me give you a sample of the images you can find there (you can hang them up on your wall to impress someone, there’s food for thought!).

Well, it was just one image, but you’ll have to visit to see the rest, right? Right? I seem so…forcing. Anyway, could any of you give me ideas on how to make my Tumblr better? I want to make it nice 🙂

Thanks guys….

OH btw, I sent my book off to a publishing company. Let’s hope it gets published.

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There’s a duck watching you…

There’s a duck watching you…

Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere in the world, there is a duck watching you. 

Just imagine that duck, staring, STARING into your eyes…BRAINWASHING you to toss the bread. That duck knows who you are, it KNOWS your parents, your damn house address! Yes, that duck will one day conquer the world…

Guys, I’ve just occupied myself with starting another book. A facts book. The things I’ve learnt over countless fact sites will never leave me. Here are some of my favorites:

  • In Japan they have square watermelons.
  • Breathing the air in Mumbai, India for just one day is equivalent to smoking 2.5 packs of cigarettes.
  • Mcdonald’s salads are more fattening than their burgers. If you get a salad with crispy chicken and salad dressing, you could be consuming 35 grams of fat – the fat equivalent of 4 hamburgers.
  • As a punishment for misbehavior, Thai cops have to wear pink Hello Kitty armbands.
  • In Topeka, Kansas it is illegal to sing the alphabet on the streets at night. It is also illegal to install a bathtub, and you may not scream in a haunted house.
  • It is against the law to sing off-key in North Carolina. I like this one. It should be a law everywhere, and it should be enforced extra strong in my school.
I’ve had an obsession with facts for years. I also hate this, since every time I see something really interesting, I HAVE to call over the nearest person. This is not very convenient in a very important life-altering math exam.
So far I have 74 facts, and I’ll add moarrrr!! Here, have a jeez at these:
  • Snoop Dog sold Cameron Diaz weed in high school.  
  • The main characters in Inception are: Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mal and Saito. Note the first letters.
  •  Jeanne Louise Calment who had the longest confirmed lifespan in history ate nearly a kilogram of chocolate every week. She lived to the age of 122.
  • Parents can hire a clown to stalk their own children for seven days until it throws a pie in their face, for their birthday. 

OMG guys, I had the weirdest dream ever last night. I was eating lentil soup while walking down the school corridor like I owned the place. I also tried to convince a boy to finish school, and not leave just because he won $500,000. Why did I even do that? If I even won $50, I would leave schools ass.
Near the end, I couldn’t find an empty stall in the bathrooms. At one point, Dracula walked out of a stall, and Toccata & Fugue in d minor, THE DAMN DRACULA TUNE played. A toilet seat tumbled out after him. I started asking him questions, and this was part of our conversation:
“Are you Dracula?”
“Why are you going to the toilet?”
“Why do you only know the word Si?”
“No si.”
I have no idea why Dracula was Spanish in my dream…Man oh man, I’m messed up.
My geography teacher was also wearing no shoes or socks, yesterday. We all found out after we were dismissed. He told us someone stole his shoes. Everyone has a crush on him.
My mother also told me when she was little they learnt Hitler only talked in German to his horse, since he thought the language was ugly. I don’t think that’s true; in all Hitler movies he yatters in German.
OK before this post gets too long, I’d like to congratulate my dad. He came to England 12 years ago on this day…he just walked in to tell me that at this time (8pm) he had landed. I’d like to congratulate him for making an awesome future for his family and having a good career after just arriving with one small suitcase and £1000. Thank you, dad. 

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