About Me

Are you wondering who I am? Why I’m here? Well, there’s a short description and a long description. If you want   to read the long description, grab a cup of coffee and sit down. If not, the short one should give you as much information as you need.


I live in London (but I’m not from England), which is all sorts of horrible. I write books, like drawing and poker, muscle cars and classic rock. I’m stubborn, post about my life and things that intrigue me, and am training myself for the life that awaits me.

About the site:

For a long time it was my unorganized rants. Now, I’ve decided to make it slightly more organized and informative, with articles. It might take some time, but stick around to see it transform.


What’s my name?
You can just call me Diya, I don’t like people using my real name, it sounds too formal and posh.

Where do I live?
I live in London, England, but I’m totally road-tripping USA forever after 2 years 😀

My favorite color?
My favorite color is blue. I’v always liked blue, and I can’t even remember when I started calling it my favorite color. Recently I’v been going through an obsession with red and yellow.

What am I like?
I’m very stubborn. I like things going my way, and can and will do almost anything to get what I want. I might sound mean. I’m not. I’m actually very nice once you get to know me.
I like giving advice and joining in conversations. I can be very random at times, and tend to make jokes about everything in every situation.

So, what do I post about?
I post about a lot of things. I mostly like posting about my opinions on stuff, and detailed descriptions of my day. I tend to rant a lot if I’m going through strong emotions.
As I said, I’m very random, so expect to see varying posts.

How did I come up with the blog name?
Blog names…usernames….things I have never been good at and probably never will be. I spent hours poring over name generators… then suddenly it came to me. Lascarletcat? I have another Tumblr blog, it’s called I like Tumblr and all, but the problem is that I want a website that is more text based, and Tumblr is mainly for reblogging images. Fine…why not thescarletcat, then? The name was reserved -_-
The way I came up with ‘scarlet cat’ was by using a username generator. It would generate a color, then an animal. It came up with ‘blue panda’ first, and that was ok, but scarlet cat popped into my head and beat it to it.
I loved the name thescarletcat, and wanted to use it for my WordPress blog too, but since it was reserved I had to improvise. I love Spanish. I learn it in school, so I wanted a Spanish word in there somewhere.
La means ‘the’ in English, so la it was. The whole thing sounds very weird, but I can’t come up with anything better so it has to be this. Plus, the word reminds me of pasta and salami.

Why do words remind you of food?
Don’t worry, I’m not overly greedy or something like that. I think I have a mild form of synthaesthesia. Synthaesthesia is where letters, numbers and some words have a color, shape and even taste.
Ever since I was little, words and mainly names remind me of food. Bill reminds me of tea, Isabella of whipped cream, Matthew of tomatoes, and Ryan of fish.

When do you post?
I will try to post every week. Sometimes I’m really busy, and other times I’m so free I can post forty things at once. Another thing about me. I have a bad habit of posting billions of stuff one day, then not posting for months. Don’t worry though, this will (probably) never happen on this blog.

Do you like writing?
I love writing. I’v been typing out random stories since I was very little. I have lots of little novels saved onto my computer, and I’ll probably sell them soon 😀 I might also look into article competitions, hopefully there are some on WordPress.
I also love drawing and painting, something I’v always been doing too. The problem is, at times I can’t draw for toffee, but at other times I go all Picasso on the paper and pound out an awesome masterpiece.

See you around?
See ya! Remember, you can talk to me about anything, I love giving advice. Leave ANY thoughts in the comments, and feel free to send me emails via this form:


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