5 Badass Countries

27 Nov
5 Badass Countries

We’re all aware of the badass Russia jokes, right? But why do people consider the country badass? Facebook memes don’t supply enough information. There are also other awesome countries, believe it or not! Introducing — 5 badass countries!


It’s obvious I’m gonna start with Russia. If you look at the world map, their country is MASSIVE. I mean, how do you even get away with such a big country? It’s half the size of Africa, they have 11 time zones and twelve seas border their territory. One side of Russia is white, the other side is asian!

They drink a lot of vodka. In fact, 10% of their government tax income comes from the sale of vodka. Plus, Moscow is home to the biggest McDonalds in the world (700 seats). On the day that it first opened, 5000 customers were waiting in line at 5am.

Oh, and also the fact that they grab all the medals in the Olympics. They’re hard working people.

Sound awesome yet? If it does, the closest point between Russia and the USA is 4km. During the war, people used to wait for the water to freeze over and walk over from Russia to the USA.

Bonus fact: In the 18th century, a Russian woman gave birth to 69 children.


Good ol’ Germany! I was actually enjoying studying about it for history until I found out I had to drop the subject. Anyway, let’s start with the facts.

If you study the German language, which I did when I was younger, you know that your teacher tells every class that there’s a highway in Germany with no speed limit. BULL. 70% of German highways have no speed limit. If you have a Mustang, there’s the place to drive it.

The French have hundreds of varieties of cheese. Well, Germany has 300 types of bread, and there are also bread museums. Also, there are over 1000 types of sausages, and in Munich, more than 60 beer gardens. Beats the UK’s National History museum any day.

Finally, Germans answer the phone with their surname instead of hello, most taxis in Germany are Mercedes, and the Christmas tree tradition came from their country.

We have a lot to thank them for.

South Korea

In 1443, King Sejong sat down and invented Hangul (Korea’s alphabet), because he thought that the Chinese characters Korea had to use were too complicated and couldn’t be used to express things correctly. That’s right, he just sat down and invented it. It raised literacy levels due to the simplicity, and is so easy you could learn it in an hour.

Secondly, Koreans think the number 4 is so unlucky, some buildings don’t even have a fourth floor. It’s like a bunch of paranoids in a room full of number 13s. Oh, and refrain from using red ink for letters. Writing someone’s name in red basically means they’re going to die or are already dead. That would not go down well with anyone.

Another awesome fact: If you’re dining with friends, and you accidentally bite down on fish bones, you can just spit them out. Mhm, just spit them out on the table, and no one will be appalled. Talking about manners, if you feel a cough coming on, just open your mouth and cough away. Unless you hack onto someone in front of you, it is not considered impolite.


Nigeria actually has the fourth largest number of doctors in the world. There you go, you can stop calling all third world countries bad, now. They also have the largest number of twin births in the world, compared to any other country. It’d be really hard to recognize people on the street!

You wouldn’t expect it, but the official language of Nigeria is English. What? Not so interesting? Well, in total, the estimated number of languages are 520. Try learning all that! Suddenly, England doesn’t sound so diverse, does it!

A country full of festivals is a good country! You wish the USA would hold colorful masquerades now, don’t you?  Among all of them, they have the Eyo festival, which is thought to be the prototype of the modern day carnival in Brazil.


Some may call me biased since this is my country, but you can’t deny its badassness. I mean, c’mon, it’s the country with the oldest name in Europe! Plus, Russians don’t like to admit it, but their alphabet (which is slightly different than Bulgaria’s) and maybe their language, derived from Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is so cool, they (along with Denmark) were the only ones to save their Jews during the Holocaust. What’s that, other European countries? You couldn’t save your own? Right, right.

John Atanassoff, the inventor of the computers, was from Bulgaria. If the country didn’t exist, you wouldn’t be reading this article!

In addition, Bulgarians don’t give a crap. They sometimes refer to people as just ‘man’ or ‘woman’, and have this ‘I really don’t care’ personality around them, even if you’re their best friend. Seriously though, they’re nice people when they want to be.

Bulgaria has everything: seas, mountains, hills, villages, farms, cities, lakes, and a ton load of culture. Christmas and New Year in Bulgaria is magical, and getting together with your family is beautiful.

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