New Blog Plan

26 Nov

Hello everyone!

First, before I say anything, let me just tell you that my neighbors have a freakin’ swastika on their door. What the hell they want to put across, I don’t know.

Anyway, back on course, I have a new plan for this blog. Don’t worry, I won’t turn it into a fan site or anything! I just thought I’d get it more organized.

So now this is the new plan:

Tuesdays: Informative blog posts. Anything from lists to facts.

Saturdays: About me posts. Basically, what this site it usually about. Rants, my daily life, my Krav Maga sessions.

There will be icons for each posts, like a little stamp on the featured image (the image under the title, usually to the left of the post) to show what type of post it is. Here they are:

They might look a bit sketchy for now but I’ll edit them when that time comes. Also, I’ll make new categories for the three types of post.

An informative post is due tomorrow, so looking forward to that! I gotta go now, I have to eat then set off to school. You should see the type of people that hang around that area.

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