New Obsessions

01 Nov

Oh God.

I’ve entered a new obsession. Fortunately it isn’t a TV series related one this time (well there is HIMYM but that’s not…an obsession. It isn’t! I swear!).

I’ve begun to draw! Again! For those of you that don’t know, I used to LOVE drawing when I was 7 – 11. I filled out sketchpads, drew my hand off, etc.

But I’ve only decided to get serious now. I discovered my new obsession on 4chan (oh, Geez) on the /ic/ board. Then that led to DeviantArt. Now, most of the stuff on DeviantArt is anime. Anime, anime, anime! Grr. But if you search enough (past all the Illuminati drawings too), you get to the really meaty stuff. That stuff made me jealous.

I’m a jealous person in nature. It doesn’t do good for me. So I remembered my old drawing to drawing (hehe) and    began to practice. Guys, I practice 3 – 6 hours a day :/ The improvement (in a week or so) has been massive.

I got a new sketchpad a few days ago too. Depression settled in after I realized I needed a tablet, but then I remembered! … I won $200 in a logo design competition recently! So I tried to buy a Wacom but my dad got all “naw naw naw!!” so yeah, that didn’t happen. FOR. A. DAY. I ordered it yesterday! It’s supposed to arrive today, so I’m just sitting here, excitement pouring out of my mouth.

But yeah, here’s my deviantArt. Even though it’s got no art on it yet! Soon there’ll be a ‘My Art’ tab here!

Guys, when my dad came home from Bulgaria a month ago, he gave me a book to read. It’s called 30 Pounds (translated from Bulgarian) and it’s about a man that goes to London and meets a guy and they become friends and bla bla. But there was this weird paragraph too. It was about an unborn baby and it’s mother talking. I’ll translate it:

While falling asleep, he thought, to die, actually might not be that scary. You just fall asleep and disappear forever, was the last thought, before sleep wrapped around him.

In his dream, he saw a baby. It was in its mother’s stomach and in some mad way was conversing with her.

“Mum, do you believe in life after birth?” it asked.

“Of course, my boy,” she replied warmly. “Life after birth exists and it is wonderful. Soon, you yourself will understand.”

“You’re being silly, mum. There can’t be life after birth!” The baby was shocked.

“But, my boy, I am there now. Believe me – there is life like this. Here there is only light, we walk on our legs and eat with our mouth. You’ll like it, you’ll see.”

“It’s not possible to walk with your own legs. Neither is eating with your mouth. Why do we have this cord, then? No, you can’t trick me, that there is life after birth. Plus, no one has returned from there. So life just ends with birth. That’s it.”

“Believe me, son. There’s life after birth. You yourself will find out. When you’re born, you’ll meet me. I will wait for you there. And I’ll still take care of you and even love you even more.”

“But, mum, you can’t exist after my birth. When that day comes and I’m born, everything will end and you will also disappear.”

Pretty cool, right? It made me think about afterlife and stuff…So, talk to you later guys, right now How I Met Your Mother is running on TV and I have to focus my life on it.

PS. NaNoWriMo started and I still haven’t planned my book.


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2 responses to “New Obsessions

  1. Dean Gregory

    November 13, 2012 at 2:33 am

    Just checked out you dART page. That dodo is delightfully surreal, and the cat is brilliant. Keep it up 🙂

    • lascarletcat

      November 24, 2012 at 5:21 pm

      Thank you! I attempted drawing an original character a few days ago, hopefully I’ll be able to post it.


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