02 Oct

I’m convinced that if my life was a movie, I’d get whisked away from my flat tomorrow and trained to be a spy. I’d learn how to shoot guns, fight and do those crazy gymnastics flips. And I’d be perfect by the end of…a week.

That always seems to happen in every spy book/movie/whatever. The kid is trained and knows how to do everything better than the adults that have been in the business for over twenty years.

But I don’t think I’d want to be a spy anyway. I wouldn’t want to work for the lying government or dress up in those fancy clothes or prance around with ridiculous gadgets. I think I’d enjoy it if I was my own person and could complete cases myself 😀

Just imagine it…walking in some shady poorly lit bar at night, ordering a beer and just cleaning my guns on the table. Paft, in real life I’d get arrested, but let’s just pretend it could happen…

Anyway, before I start getting too excited, let’s switch to talking about something…less exciting but still engaging. I’ve been watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement since the start of the damn year. Every day from 1pm to 3pm. It’s kind of crazy actually. I think I’m obsessed.

I also parkoured the whole apartment yesterday (if you can call it parkour — it was more like running and smashing my face along the walls). My cat plonked itself on the bed so that was out of order, not that I think anything would happen if I fell on him. If I did, I have the feeling I’d just be swallowed into his fur.

So I don’t think I’m that good. Watching let’s plays of Mirror’s Edge didn’t help, either.

I think I’ll cut this post short today, since I have the desire to post tomorrow too. I always post on Spanish learning days, and tomorrow is one!

PS. I have to rewrite my whole novel. Groan.

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