The Indiana Jones Diagnosis

29 Sep
The Indiana Jones Diagnosis

I’ve had plenty of obsessions over the many years of childhood.

I remember being around three years old and wanting to be a tortoise. My mother used to tie pillows to my back, I kid you not. A few years later, when I broke my leg (and I lied to the doctor that it wasn’t broken, leading to no cast, leading to it still hurting almost 8 years later), I really wanted to be able to fly. I actually made my religious grandma pray to God to give me a ‘flying ability’.

I used to paint a lot when I was a little kid. All those days spent against the radiator, drawing and painting and sketching paid off, because even though I don’t do so any more, they enhanced my skills and I still have them. I planned a drawing contest with a guy once, when I was eleven-years-old. We were supposed to bring our best drawings in. I brought the BEST thing I’d done: a parrot painting, and some other drawings. Like a whole damn folder. The guy didn’t bring anything. Lol.

Writing was also a priority for me. I used to write stories for everything. I’m sure I’ve told you guys this, but when my dad announced he was going to buy ice-cream for the first time in like two years, I wrote a story about a girl and her imaginary friend, who was called…wait for it…cream-ice. Groan.

Those stories progressed to making blogs (my very first one was a Club Penguin one — everyone had one! Unfortunately, the game changed too much now), and after them, I started writing longer tales. I’ve finished two manuscripts now, and one is in its second draft! Anyway, I started this blog a few years later after the CP obsession (which I was too old for, anyway xD).

Now, my next obsession will span through my whole life. What could it be? I’ll give you a clue: every kid wants to be him. You probably guessed from the title…but…it’s Indiana Jones!

God, I was so obsessed with him! I watched Indy 4 (lots of people hated it, but I was also obsessed with Shia Labeouf back then — oh jeez, I was only ten) with my dad, then I was off. I got the books for Christmas, and the handbook and journal as well.

Doesn’t everybody want to be like Indy? A rugged adventurer? Well, all the little boys wanted to. I’m like the only girl that prefers adventures and guns over make up and flowers (even though I’ve been taking a liking to slightly more girly stuff these days — hormones, what are you doing?). The chipping of one of my teeth just confirmed how stupidly boisterous I can be. Just look at the sidebar pictures, for God’s sake! (I should totally add Indy to it)

This is full size because you should admire the manliness Jones radiates.

You don’t want to underestimate Indiana Jones Syndrome. It hits you like a rock. I still want to be like him, damn it! A lot of people think he was based on this guy called Roy Chapman Andrews. He was an explorer, adventurer and lead a series of investigations through the Gobi desert once, I think. He was deathly scared of snakes too.

Another movie-man I really love is Blondie!!! Oh, wait, you don’t know him? Hmm…

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is like my favorite movie along with Indy. There are two types of people in the world, my friend. Those who watch awesome movies and have awesome heroes, and those who spend their life on their BlackBerrys and do nothing productive (aka, the rest of my generation).

I swear, I’m doomed. Just looked at the under 20s walking the streets these days. Baggy jeans, ugly hats, stupid damn music, crazy clothes, rotten attitudes and useless slang terms. I’m totally doomed. All the boys in my generation have gone girly!! I’ll never find a husband (unless I time travel and meet Indy along in some adventure)!

Me and my Zeppelin and Mustang and adventures and old movies and God knows what. I don’t even know if I’m supposed to be like other people, or they’re supposed to be like me. I guess I’m just not as brainwashed. I mean, not to boast but, I’m the only one in my class that has actually worked out and had an apple in her life. Some people haven’t even read a book. Some people can’t even tell the time. You see why I’m so worried about getting married?

Before I go, let me tell you I borrowed a Spanish book from the library today. A book in Spanish, and I understand a bit! Squee!!! Anyway, bye for now 🙂

PS. Let me just insert a poll here…

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