The sofa and the laptop

14 Aug
The sofa and the laptop

Man, I’ve been torturing myself for the past week. I’ve managed to conjure up 22,000 words worth of a NOVEL I’m writing. And writing hurts me. It hurts my eyes and my brain and my fingers will go all crooked…but I love it so hah, body, take that.

Anyway. We went to my cousin’s farm around two days ago. I don’t know whether it was the lack of sun or the rhythmic gymnastics that fueled me, but I pounded out 3,000 words on Word. Yeah.

But it used to be so hot in Bulgaria (it was 42 degrees celsius a few days ago), and now it’s just 30 😦 Still, it’s better than London’s 18.

Speaking of London, the Olympics ended yesterday, I think. Or the day before…I’m not sure. I didn’t see the closing ceremony! Why? I saw the boring opening, but not the closing! Anyone find it weird how the opening ceremony showed Britain’s worst bits, instead of the best? Slaves, pain, etc. What? Hopefully the Paralympics will be just as good as the sports on the Olympics…I love the rhythmic gymnastics.

I don’t actually have anything to tell you guys, because I’ve just been typing away on the same sofa and laptop for the past week or so and I swear, the next time I’ll see them both will be on my x-ray.

The only news is that I published my Ancient Mondays book to Amazon Kindle, and it will be out on CreateSpace soon, too. Readers, if you have a Kindle, please buy it. It’s really short, and seriously, I’m trying to find a way to survive here, guys. Just hop over to the ‘My Books’ page. There you can also see the current novel I’m writing. 🙂

OH, OH. I just remembered! I’m learning French! My cousin’s fallen in love with the language, so we’re both learning it using these Coffee Break podcasts, and I’m proud to say that I know a few words already 😀

Thanks, a bientot.

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