Medusa and radioactiveness

02 Aug
Medusa and radioactiveness


I’m still in Bulgaria. Yesterday, we got back from the beach after five days of burning in the sun and nearly drowning in salty water (yet we call it fun!).

It was pretty cool. Every day, we woke up around 9am, glopped on suncream and then made our way to the beach, where I had to wait impatiently for my cousin to finish her coffee and breakfast before dunking ourselves in the sea.

The first day, the beach we went to was…horrible. The place we put our umbrellas up had a big fat building as scenery, and a couple fat ladies and pot bellied men blocking the view of the waves. Then we found out the sea had holes (or whatever) in it. Basically, one moment your crawling on your knees in sand, the next your waving for someone to save you. One step and your dead.

The said sea was like soup. Literally. Seaweed riddled EVERY nook and cranny of the body of water. The humans were like meatballs. The big cook in the sky must be lacking a spoon to stir his soup, since everyone was at the edge of the sea, scared of the holes.

But that day was still cool, because at the end I got to walk around the beach town (searching for apples) in just my bikini top and these colorful shorts (I was the only slim one that beach). My mum decided to act fearless and didn’t bring her flip flops, searing her feet on the pretty heated ground.

The next few days were way better! We went to a different beach a few minutes away with our broken car (but I’ll talk about that later), where the water was shallow for metres and metres, and who cares if this is a cliche, but it was damn crystal clear. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, because you were eating seaweed and empty egg cartons, but everyone could see your falling bikini bottom.

I remembered how to do a roll in the water, and found out I could swim pretty well! That day was probably the best in all the five days.

The next days, either the waves were too big, or the people were in the way. However, my cousin had the brilliant idea to try and pretend we were shipwrecked and had to swim for miles over giant waves to save ourselves. It was great practice for an incident that might occur one day due to my carelessness.

We also tried to swim like the people in the Olympics! The butterfly is really super hard, so kudos to the swimmers! Wait, wait! There was also a 15 year old girl who won the gold medal. I thought you had to be 18 to be in the Olympics :/ Can anyone inform me on this? Please? Also, did anyone see the illuminati like pyramids on the Olympic building thing? And the creepy intro?

Oh, and the car was broken. We set off for the beach, then just before we get there, my uncle tells us the vehicle has decided to give up. Not so, though. The awesome car wouldn’t give up, and carried us to our destination every single day, and the long journey back! Thanks, car!

OH! And we burnt in a really weird way. Some things like, swelled up or burnt in dots :/ We got home to my gran’s flat, and my dad called us. He asked us why we visited that particular beach (chernomorets). It turns out it’s radioactive; something happened there years ago. Damn, I’m never having kids now. Just look at Chernobyl.

I guess I should explain why there’s the word “Medusa” in the post title. Last night, I had a very, VERY weird dream. Maybe it’s because I’m ill, but maybe not.

I was running away from Medusa or some sort of monster. It was like in a sort of game, but real. Like those future PlayStations people are planning to make.

I was also searching for the weapon to kill Medusa, running through rooms and flats in my gran’s block (the people talked in English even though this is Bulgaria). I ended up in some room at one point, where I had to solve puzzles to open the door. When I got in, I searched for the weapon, finding nothing. It then turned out Medusa was in the PLACE. A guy got possessed, so a priest entered to room to exorcise him.

Trying to escape, I tried to solve the puzzle again to run away and avoid death (Medusa didn’t kill you by looking at you, but by eating you or something similar). It didn’t work, so I started praying. Didn’t work. I then hopped over to the priest, asking him to pray to open the door. He refused, so I offered him twice the money the possessed person was paying him to unpossess him.

The priest agreed, and went over to unlock the exit door for me. The funny thing is, my whole dream took place in cosy apartments, and not misty caves. Oh, brain, you. The priest kept on trying to leave, but I kept on making more money offers, so the door finally opened. Oh man, the tension was so high, I can’t even describe. Damn.

I thought I had ran away, but suddenly I realised I had to kill the thing, not run away like a wimp. I opened another door, landing in a room where a man was resting. I asked him where the Medusa killing weapon was. He said here, and showed me a desk with horns on it. The smallest horn, the size of a fingernail was the weapon.

I then had to find a gun to put that horn in to shoot at Medusa, while I could hear him approaching (in the dream, Medusa was a man). I REALLY turned the place upside down searching for that gun, and that man just lay there, not helping. When I found it, I called it a “police gun”. It was strange: a straight weapon with no corners.

Rushing to put the horn in the bullet hole, I shot at Medusa when he came in. He laughed, and charged. The horn didn’t work!

Then, I grabbed a knife from the table, swishing at his head. But damn, he was good at fighting. The guy was practically a ninja! I earned a few wounds and bled a lot.

But wahay, suddenly I looked at the massive amount of wool under the bed the man was lying on, and I asked Medusa a question to give myself more time.

“Hey, just one more question.”

“What would that be?” Medusa got ready to strike. (I must say, Medusa actually had no snakes anywhere.)

“You hate fish, right?”

Medusa’s face twisted in agony, and the last thing he said couldn’t be heard as I threw the wool on him. Wait, what? Wool? Fish? Yeah, I don’t know either.

While Medusa was struggling, I cut his head off with scissors. This was gruesome. How could my young brain think of this? I snipped a couple of times, decapitating the poor monster while he fought. But the spinal cord still hung there, so I tried sawing it off with a knife, then snipping in with the scissors when it failed to cut.

Getting up, I could see the body rotting. Ew. It smelled. Then, I was about to throw myself out the window because I felt like there was another monster there, and in whatever dream I’m in, I always survive jumping from heights.

This dream was awesome. Please, I want more. It was totally real feeling, and I felt like a hero. I WAS a hero. This was better than movies or a book, it was REAL. Damn it brain, thank you! I always have the best dreams in Bulgaria!

Sorry for the long winded post, I had to record everything! Again, when I get the time, I’ll happily add pictures and things of the like.

Thanks! I’m out!

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