The beach, dolphins and watches

27 Jul
The beach, dolphins and watches


I have to make this post verrryyy quick. The internet is slow as hell, and I have no idea when it might stop. I’m in Bulgaria right now, and it’s like 40 degrees celcius. Beautiful 🙂

Anyway, today I got presents from my aunty. A dolphin ring, dolphin necklace and a black watch. They’re awesome! My compatable star sign is pisces I think, and dolphins are close to fish…so I guess that’s cool! Also, my lunar sign is gemini, and there are two dolphins!! Ahh everything is cool!

I also watched a lot of illuminati things with my cousin. GUYS you HAVE to watch THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED on YouTube, it’s in 11 parts. It’s so startling and just so well done, you have to see it.

Ooo I also made bracelets with my cousin today! Mine is wooden colors, and goes well with everything I’m wearing!

We’re going to the beach tomorrow! I’ll swim the whole cove, then tan and etc! I can’t waiiittt! The beach is the best thing in Bulgaria for me!

I also discovered some of my dad’s old books. Beside the Russian ones, I found some weird fantasy space themes ones. There’s one called “The last man” that looks pretty interesting…I’m currently reading a Bulgarian book by Erih Kestner (I think that’s his name). Has 4 stories…one about a boy called Emil (my dad’s name too!), Anton and Tochitsa (dot), the Flying Classroom and another one about twins. Find it if you can! It’s originally German.

I really have to go packing now, so I’ll post when I can! I’ll also add pictures and make this post more appealing when I can, so wait for that!

I’m sorry I can’t keep up the regular posting this month, but I’m really stripped for time and resources 😦

Bye, people!

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