20 Jul

Hello Scarletians (wahay, I’ve even got a name for ya’ll readers!)!

I’m going on holiday to Bulgarian tomorrow! Finally! The thing I’m going to enjoy most is being away from school and this horrible British weather.

A rather large suitcase is staring at me from the corner of the room, hungry for my clothes. The jumbo crossword puzzle book is on the shelf, ready to be plucked out and shoved inside my backpack.

I wonder what I’ll forget to bring this year. A few years ago I brang my Nintendo DSi but forgot all the games xD Another year, I was planning on writing a journal about the whole experience but forgot my diary. :/

Anyway, let me tell you about the past week. You know what happened on Monday: we went to that university. But on Tuesday…oh Tuesday.

Tuesday was the best day ever. We went to Windsor, and got to ride on those open-roof buses. They gave us free headphones to plug in on the side of the bus to hear about the landmarks. We could change the language it spoke in, and I spent half my time laughing at the accents.

The wind was HORRIBLE and I don’t even know how I didn’t get a horrific sunburn or a cold. It nearly blew my head off. I think I stepped off that bus looking like a tornado survivor.

We then got 90 minutes to ourselves to explore the place. My best friend and I just headed off in the opposite direction everyone was going. We entered a few souvenir stores so I could try and find presents for my parents and for my relatives (that I’m going to see tomorrowwww!).

In the end I ended up spending years staring at the fluffy animal things you hang on your phone. We left to see if there was anything better worth buying before coming back to the same shop for me to buy the fluffy thing. It’s so fluffy it feels like there’s nothing in your hand!! It’s name is Coconut. 🙂

We then paraded around random places, nearly getting lost and then taking photos next to a fake cow. I think that was the only photo we took of ourselves there.

After that whole ordeal, we entered HMV. My friend stared at the iPads longingly, then took an inverted photo of herself, leaving it on the screen to scare any passer-by crap-less.

Then I ate my sandwich, and my friend dribbled all the eggy contents from hers onto the bench outside a bar. It looked pretty weird. I have this whole process that I must do when I am in possession of a yogurt and some raisins. I must pour the raisins in the yogurt and then eat it. Mmm.

I noticed I still hadn’t got anything for my parents and relatives, so we hopped, skipped and jumped into the 10th souvenir store to try and find something. Yup, I found a teddy bear for my cousin and a nice pack of shortbread for my parents. They love shortbread.

We barely got back in time for our coach to leave. Time for ice-skating!

The ice-skating was AMAZING! When I first got on, I fell. This girl started screaming and thrashing about, grabbing my arm and causing me to fall over her legs. I spent a few minutes crawling about, wondering what way to get up to avoid cutting off my fingers with sharp skates.

Eventually, a nice old grandpa skated over to us and told me to get on my knees and grab the railing. I did that, and it seemed to work. Everyone then had to skate around , grabbing on the railing for damn dear life.

After a few minutes, people got confident and let go. Ice-skating is actually pretty easy to learn. I mean, to skate in a straight line looking like a constipated parrot. The rest is pretty hard.

I learnt how to skate okay, and happily whizzed around for two hours, looking behind me to make sure my best friend wasn’t dead. You have to be careful around her. Something always goes wrong! Or maybe that’s just me…

We had to go to the toilet at one time, which was hilarious. Going to the toilet on skates is not easy. While in the bathroom, I started telling her how an ice-skating rink would be a perfect place for a murderer. Free knives! After telling her all this, a person flushed the toilet in a cubicle. I think I scared him.

Then we went home, and I thought about how awesome everything had been. The best day in the year, easily!

This post is getting a bit too long, right? Well, I still have to tell you about Wednesday and Thursday! Yippee!

On Wednesday, we went to the beach with our classes. We had to wait an hour for them to sort out everything, watching Mr Bean to pass the time. When we finally went, it took at least two hours to get there.

We expected a sunny, glorious day with waving waves and muscled men selling corn cobs. What did we get? A cold, ugly, bleak day and stormy waves. No muscled men, no corn cobs. No arcades or kiosks. Ooops, I forgot England isn’t Bulgaria!

My friend and I spent most of the time in the cafe, taking photos of napkins and trying to make them look nice using instagram-like filters. I ate my sandwich happily, staring at the people eating an endless supply of chips and cupcakes. Guess how much a cup of coffee cost? £5. Woah.

We exited the cafe, only to be met with either a bunch of naked boys, or boys with completely wet clothes. Some were taking showers. What? Why the hell would you jump in the sea when it’s not even 10 degrees celsius? If you were brave enough to enter the toilets there, you’d want to puke. Mud, tissues and wet clothes EVERYWHERE.

We went for a walk, but then my friend saw a tiny dog a mile away and decided she hated walks, and it was time to run like hell. Well.

Then we went home, and I think I slept.

On Friday, we had a large assembly at school. A Chinese boy played the piano like Beethoven, as if he’d been learning for 50 years instead of just 2. Asians.

After that, we went to our form rooms and had a party. Food was brought in. SO. MUCH. FOOD. OMG. Like literally, you could feed everyone in the entire world with that much food. Damn. Guess what? My class devoured it in less than 10 minutes.

My friend and I took a video of our teacher as they gave us a goodbye speech, and then we took photos with them (probably the only people to do so).

It was all sad. When I got home, I splattered myself over the bed and thought FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Now hopefully I can get a book published or make some money another way before next year, so I can avoid being tortured for the fourth year at this devilish place.

This post is massive…wow. But to end it, I have to tell you guys I’ll be travelling tomorrow, all day. Then till August 27th (I think) I’ll be in Bulgaria. I think I’ll be able to post, but I’m not sure.

I love you all, and thanks for reading.

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