Skills and too many trips

16 Jul
Skills and too many trips


I have good news! I recently won $200…which I guess isn’t that much, but for me, it’s something!

I now have to decide what to spend it on. Clothes? Nah. Shoes? Who the hell cares about shoes? I’m thinking of saving it somewhere, and using it to sign myself up into clubs. Clubs that teach me things I’m gonna need, like martial arts or guns (I sound like a criminal).

Anyway, this post is gonna may or may not be quite short.

This whole week is going to be school trips. Today we went to the university of Sussex, where it’s supposedly the sunniest campus in the UK. Yeah, spin me another tale. It rained like hell. On the coach, the guy behind me wouldn’t stop being a stupid nuisance and annoying me.

Something that surprised me more than necessary was the amount of food being served. What is the school trying to feed? Elephants? The plates, I kid you not, were as big as a large saucepan, and the food was so much it nearly toppled out.

They had massive slices of cake, crisps, and other junky things. The whole meal could be split into seven portions and feed my whole family (and the cat). Jeez, and they wonder why obesity is growing. Sussex university is your answer.

On the way home, the girl in front of me pushed her seat back SO FAR I died. There was literally no space for me; now I know what a sandwich filling feels like. She then fell asleep. C’mon, dude. Wake up! The worst thing was that the trip was two hours long. Sigh. My situation fits this image perfectly.

In other news, I’m going to Bulgaria for my summer holidays in 5 days. Yay. Some sun. Finally.
I’m typing this on my iPad, so I’ll add images and other things tomorrow, when I’m not deathly tired and in bed (done). G’night!

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