Summer and 13 days!

08 Jul

Summer arrived 17 days ago. It hasn’t started for me yet. How can it start when I live in London? It’s never consistently sunny or warm here. You get 4 seasons in a day. I read the newspaper today, and it said that some towns were flooded with 2ft of water. And that there would be more days like this and summer was over. Fabulous. Well, I’m happy that I’m not going to spend my whole holiday in London.

Summer starts for me when I go to Bulgaria. Every year I go to Bulgaria to visit my relatives. It’s always nice and scorching hot! Weather you can actually get a tan in. I start off by wearing jeans and some jumper thing in England, and when I get off the plane, I regret picking those clothes.

My plans are to tan like hell, go for jogs, write books and try to make money. This summer, I’ll look amazing for the beach. And I’ll make sure it won’t be windy like last year (simply because we went to the beach near September when it was colder).

For next year, I have a couple of plans…earn damn money, buy a treadmill so I don’t have to do freaky thought on the spot workouts, be self educated, survive, learn 4 languages, learn krav maga, learn how to drive a car (even though I’m not old enough, screw it), write three books, get one or more published, make more money.

I also made an instagram today. No idea why since I’m probably not gonna use it at all. Here’s a picture of my cat:


So I’ve got no idea what I’m gonna do to fit everything in in just 35 something days. :/ and then crappy school…I’m going to make sure I don’t go back there next year. I hate it. I don’t care how disappointed or ashamed my parents become of me, I’m just done with public school. It wastes my time. All I get is pointless homework, thousands of stupid tests, and a billion speeches and presentations a day. To top that off, they’re moving our forms around. Great. So now I have to make new friends. They say “embrace it! Socialise! Change has to happen!” What the hell? That’s like saying “we’re gonna move you to a different family, but embrace it! Socialise! Change has to happen!”

I also have sports day coming up…was supposed to buy something either white, red or blue but I got black for the day xD meh, it looks good. I had a Spanish speaking exam too. Felt like I was talking to a Mexican cowboy who would kill me if I got something wrong, even though the teacher had a nice smile plastered on the whole time.

Reminds me…I need to go watch The Good, the Bad and the Ugly again. We watched the end in maths and some people weren’t fully appreciating it…their loss.

So…bye bye guys! I’ll let you know if I’m dead or not the day after tomorrow…


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