Things I’d like to exist

30 Jun
Things I’d like to exist

Don’t you ever feel bored with your own life after watching a movie? Me too. Some movies have amazing objects/creations…Here is my list of what fictional things I’d love to exist:

We watched Limitless in school yesterday; it was my second time watching it, and the billionth time I wondered what life would be like if I had this wonder drug. NZT lets you access all 100% of your brain, instead of the measly 20% (but apparently we use even less that 10%). Bradley Cooper’s character got as clever as hell with this. I want one! At least just to finish my book?

Matilda’s Powers

C’mon, you’ve flung your arm at least twice to test if you have Matilda’s powers. When I was a little kid, I used to get extremely depressed with my powerless life. Imagine how awesome it would be to scare your enemies off by slamming a door shut just by looking at it? Yesterday the windows were open in class, and the door kept on slamming. I made sure I was looking at it when it slammed, I think I freaked a few people out.

Everything from Spirited Away

I love that movie. Amazing. I love everything about it, including that it’s Japanese (I so need to learn Japanese). The massive house thingy was brilliant, and I loved Chihiro’s adventure. Mmm…adventures. I’d want to have her adventure, but I wouldn’t want my parents to turn into pigs. No. That wouldn’t be nice.

Things that Indiana Jones searches for

They probably do exist, but I don’t think people like Indy actually swing from ledge to ledge to get em. I dunno, maybe they do. If they don’t…time for me to step in! Aw yeah, I’ll do anything to secure a place in an adventure! I’m rattling on about adventures again…

No future technology

You have no idea how much I want this to be real. I hate the ideas people are getting nowadays. I don’t want those Google glasses things, I don’t want new cars that use keycards instead of keys. I definitely don’t want to pay with my mobile phone instead of a dusty old credit card. I’m still growing up, so by creating those things (yes, I’m talking to you, adults), you’re effectively ruining my future. I HATE this new safety, I want danger again! This world is like a damn prison!

In the National Geographic, it says Canada has these new plastic bank notes. Super. Great. Awesome. Stupid security. I’m not gonna go forging things and stealing money, but the idea of everything being safe and secure sounds horrible. Also, there was some new thing where you don’t need keys to open doors (or even fingerprint), these new pads use VEIN SCANS. WTF?


But seriously though, I need some NZT.


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2 responses to “Things I’d like to exist

  1. Emily

    July 10, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Your blog is awesome and I really enjoyed this post.


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