Guest Post: Clumsiness

29 Jun
Guest Post: Clumsiness

And today we have a guest post! Enjoy, and I also might post something later on in the day.


I has it. Today I’m skipping the intro, there will be a link to my blog at the end if you like this. I’ll give you a cookie to join the Clan. (Shhh.) So. Let’s begin. Once, when I was young, I managed to step on a yellowjacket nest, and they stung my toe. I was very scared, and my parents were anticpating some sort of allergic reaction. Hopeful huh? Well, after that, someone jumped out of a 200 lb wooden swing and it fell on me, and cracked my head open. That was fun. Then there was the time (because it was only once o.O) I fell up the stairs. A month or so ago, I broke my toe by walking too close behind my friend and kicking the back of her shoe. Yes, I’m so serious. Then, when weaving through a classroom full of chairs, I kicked one of the legs on a chair. With just my not-so-healed pinky toe. Just that one toe. Well, today, I walked once in my house and tripped on my cat. He was sitting right in front of the doorjamb, so that was his fault. But then, walking out, I tripped again, this time on nothing, and slammed the toe yet again into the doorjamb. I think I re-broke it. I’ve broken my toe twice in like, two months. What is this?

I think I have a gift. I think, that the next time I want revenge on someone I don’t like, I’m bringing them around me for awhile, just to see if it will rub off on them. They can break their toe for once. Damn things, always running into my poor little toe. Do you know how bad it hurts? How blasted hard it is to walk now? It’s so awful. And all I was doing was walking outside to eat those kool-aid flavored ice things, in those long plastic packages, with my dog. (She likes them.) I give up. This is why I do nothing but sit on the computer almost all day. I’m disaster prone and it’s frightening.

Well, I’m glad to have gotten this off my chest. So, head on over to the Ninja Penguin if you like the way I rant and rave. There’s plenty more where that came from.

Later, moonmarbles.

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