Deserts, forests, and abandoned castles

26 Jun
Deserts, forests, and abandoned castles

I’ve been rewatching movies like Indiana Jones and the Dollars trilogy and it got me thinking. It’d be awesome to do any of those things. To rescue treasure, to run away from baddies. Much better than sitting at home and staring at the tv screen and hoping for it to happen. So I decided to learn five different languages.

I already know two: Bulgarian and English. I know a little Spanish. I’m going to learn Latin and French too. And then Russian and Japanese and Korean. I’m also going to learn martial arts, how to shoot a gun, and free running. See, this is what happens when you play too much video games and let Lara Croft influence you.

But seriously though, imagine flinging yourself across ledges, shooting at pygmies, running away from boulders, and kicking doors open. And you know what the best part would be? Being able to sit down with a cup of coffee at the end of a fight while dawn is breaking, ice pack on your injuries, Good Morning America or whatever on tv, and thinking, “Damn, I live a good life.” Well who wouldn’t want that?

I bet Indy’d tell us it’s not as easy as we think it is.

Anyway, I had forty billion tests the past few weeks, so now in Geography we’re watching documentaries about the world. We watched something about jungle tribes last Friday, and it was pretty sweet. Uh. Last Wednesday I was on some trip for Spanish. I looked like a total loner, none of my friends got invited :/

I’m also thinking of changing the theme. The background is too ‘blarey’ and the theme is too old. It’s gotta be something along the lines of iNovio (or whatever it’s called), but something that can have a header edited. :/

What else do I have to say? Well, a teacher told me off for walking out in front of her car on the way to school. She told me to open my eyes. THEY ARE OPEN, ARE YOURS? She was driving like 1mph, I’m not gonna wait sixty hours for her to get her old rust bucket through the gates! That’s a down vote for you on, miss!

One final note and I’m off. I’m writing an adventure novel, my life is boring. What should the name of the lead male explorer be? I was gonna use Nathan but that’s in a damn game… 😦 I hate accidental copyright 😦


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One response to “Deserts, forests, and abandoned castles

  1. Kaitlyn Elizabeth

    June 29, 2012 at 12:55 am

    Personally, I think something like Zeke, or Tatum would sound nice.


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