Biker boots and bear holes

03 Jun
Biker boots and bear holes

Yesterday my parents and I got sick of staring at the walls and decided to go somewhere. The past two weeks where tough for all of us (I had exams, and school’s not exactly my bff right now; my mum’s work is always tough; my dad worked 10 days straight for one day off).

So as always, we hopped into our light blue Nissan, and whizzed off to Box Hill, Surrey. They played Hotel California by The Eagles!!! What a damn coincidence! And then I just listed to Led Zeppelin till we got there.

It was ok-ish. I was depressed for a few minutes, saying the view was ugly. Not for long, though. Dad started explaining how green is calming because for billions of years our ancestors were used to trekking around in the trees (until some idiot discovered something that led to what is today). I’m just worried. What if after a few other billions of years humans get used to sitting on their ass in front of the computer? My mum says we never will, the world won’t last another 1000 years.

Then we started climbing over trees and delving into the woods. It was all fine till my parents had the wonderful idea of straying away from the damn signs. So we go deeper and deeper and deeper. We end up going downhill. At one point, we see two rather large holes under the trees. I mean LARGE. Like bear large. They decided to play a trick on me, running away as if something’s chasing us. Awesome.

So we start turning back. It’s time to get out. My dad wants to take a shortcut UP THE SIDES OF THE WOODS. THE STEEP SIDES. I grab onto the roots of the trees, climbing up and up. If I fall, I take down my parents, and probably break a few limbs. Once I’m up, I turn to look at them. My dad’s clinging onto a tree trunk, laughing his face off. My mum’s grabbing onto the soil desperately, practically dying of laughter. What are you doing? We’re about to die from falling and you’re both laughing?

We manage to get up safely. However, there’s iron mesh all over the sides of the woods. So we have to get down now. We walk until we find this steep place with lots of tree roots. My dad helps my mum down first. Then he helps me. They’re kind of like a stair case, the roots.

So we get down, dust each other off. We look back.


Then we walk back, I’m just there, shook. My parents are laughing as if nothing happened. When they were young, they spent every day exploring and climbing bigger things than this.

“That was nothing compared to the things we did back in our days,” dad says.

Holy crap, what did you do?

While going back, we see some hikers. With proper hiker gear and sticks and water and backpacks and everything. And we just walked in there? With nothing? My dad looked like he was at a holiday resort, and my mum like she was going shopping. The only useful thing I had was biker boots with a good grip.

(And the animal hole was either a coyote or a bear)

In other news, my Tumblr is faring pretty well 😀 I’m obsessed 😀

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