Cats and origins

30 May

I’ve been editing my Tumblr. It’s now called fiery–origin. It used to be thescarletcat, but that’s not very Tumblr sounding, is it? I changed the theme, the description, and pretty much everything. If you visit, you see a lot of cats and nature.

Anyway, the name came from the Blue Oyster Cult song, Fire of Unknown Origin. I was scrounging for Led Zeppelin url possibilities, but everyone had grabbed ’em and ran away, leaving just one post on their new and fresh Tumblr. They then abandoned them.

You should visit if you like photos of insanely cute cats and puppies, and summer or nature and color. Basically, if you have a soul. Just kidding, go there if you want. I’m just sayin’, you never know, you might find the answer to life… (what the hell am I talking about…ok, new topic!)

In school, we watched a movie in Spanish. It was called Valentin. An 8 year old aspiring to be an astronaut, is raised by his grandmother (or, basically, he raises her, but let’s carry on). He meets his dad’s 4125232th girlfriend, and then scares her off by saying his dad doesn’t like Jews. Other things ensue. There were a lot of weird things uttered which an 8 year old shouldn’t be saying, but hey, that’s Argentina, I guess they’re like that.

Oh crap, I’v got another 10 pages of Science homework to finish. Still, it’s better than the 32 I had yesterday. I’ve got a big bunch of exams coming up after 2 weeks, and I’m going to fail. I’ve got 2 geography ones, 1 science, 1 English, 1 maths and another Spanish. Damn.

Talking about Spanish, I’ve got another pen pal! So now I have two Spanish pen pals! Hehe! ¡Viva España!

Just because I don’t have a lot of things to say today and I want to promote my Tumblr, let me give you a sample of the images you can find there (you can hang them up on your wall to impress someone, there’s food for thought!).

Well, it was just one image, but you’ll have to visit to see the rest, right? Right? I seem so…forcing. Anyway, could any of you give me ideas on how to make my Tumblr better? I want to make it nice 🙂

Thanks guys….

OH btw, I sent my book off to a publishing company. Let’s hope it gets published.

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