Tans and Hotel California

27 May
Tans and Hotel California

For the past two days, my mother and I have been visiting a park, to gain tans. Since there’s less than two months left till going to Bulgaria for the summer holiday, we decided that being snowy white would not help us. Well, I’m here, with a fierce red sunburn. Awesome. And tomorrow I’ll just waddle into school still scorpion magenta. I hope it goes brown soon.

Anyway, while we were lazing around, me reading my National Geographic (something about solar rays and electricity) and my mum with her Reader’s Digest, some PALE PALE shirtless teenager whizzed past us on a small bike. Oh wow. You nearly cut off my hands, happy?

At 12 something pm we went home to fill ourselves with some food. I just had cucumber, yogurt, a tiny as hell slice of ham, some seven or so almonds, and turnip. Me gusta.

We then set off again. Only… Those stupid biked idiots were there. Idiots. They brumbled past on their tiny scooters (strong enough to squash you flat though), smiling at us. Oh congratulations, you’re trying to impress a kid and her mother. With what? Your pale chavvy manners? Go to hell.

But one good thing was the music in the background. The park is near Grand Union Canal, where boats sail past constantly. Some pensioners were having a gathering there. All the boats were lined up in the water, and chair were in a circle. They drank beer and chilled. And the music. It was all Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Doors. Bliss. They were playing Hotel California at one point. So nice.


I did my exercise in the park (as much as I could without being interrupted by the biking chavs, anyway) and downed my apple and almonds.

One would call it a productive, unproductive day. I did a lot of things: tanned, read, exercised, relaxed. I also did nothing: math freakin test tomorrow at school. Meh. Who needs algebra, anyway?

I watched Eurovision yesterday. It was in Azerbaijan. They made the place seem awesome. I liked those flame towers. When I was little, when it was a country’s turn to sing, they would show some clip about it or the flag. Now they don’t. 😦

Haha the British commentator was making fun of everybody just because their Engelbert Humperdinck (I think that’s his name) came second to last. At one point there was this strangely dressed woman, and the guy said, “Do you think she’s part of a cult?” Oh cmon. Sweden won. What I didn’t get was why people sang in English. You’re supposed to represent your country, not the UK! Sing in your own language!


Oh yeah, I also had an eye test on Saturday before burning myself at the park. Those of you who have eye tests frequently and have no major problems (knock on wood) know what it’s like.

“Heart disease?”

Anyway. My eyes sting so much now. I think it’s the sun. The lady told me I needed to lay off the electronics and have early nights. *sigh*. No more staying up till the morning. Never later than 3am though. 3am is the time the spirit veil is at it’s thinnest. 3am is when people get possessed. Haven’t you seen that Emily Rose movie?


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2 responses to “Tans and Hotel California

  1. Danilo Rodriguez (@Surreptus)

    May 27, 2012 at 10:10 pm


    I have a cousin who had that one. I always take my vitamins near Christmas time so as not to contract it.

    • lascarletcat

      May 28, 2012 at 3:42 pm

      Hah, you have to be careful with that one 😀


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