Heatwaves and wasps

24 May
Heatwaves and wasps

Hellooooo everybody!

There is currently a heatwave in London. Yes, London. A heatwave. Heatwave. I know, I know. It’s impossible, right? No way London can be hotter than 0 degrees celsius! Well, it’s happened. Every year there’s a heatwave at the most unexpected time of year.

Last year, it was during the Easter holidays. It’s usually never hot during that time! This year, Easter was so dull and gloomy, I thought the sun was stuck in a sock or something. In the news, they said May would be the coldest may yet in over 100 years! Was it? For a little while, yes. I was all scarves and gloves. But since Tuesday, the sun has been bouncing up and down, frying my face. It shot up to 29 degrees celsius today, and believe me, that’s a heatwave for London.

Since I am from Bulgaria (freezing and snowing in the winter, flowery in Spring, beautifully orange at Autumn, and scorching in the summer, just how it should be), I tan quickly. My body is used to it. I’m not a dark person. My skin is very light colored, but when the sun comes out, I TRANSFORM if I stay out long enough. As I was saying, I tan quickly. The British people around me go as red as blood, parading around in their short shorts, fat bulging. If a little ray a sunshine peeks out- just a tiny ray – Britons dig out the sunglasses, low cut tops and sandals. Oh, and who cares about sun-cream. Sun-cream doesn’t exist to them. Bless these people, they never learn!

I’m expecting it to go down to 5 celsius by next Tuesday, that’s always the case.

Look guys, I’m sorry to bore you about my stupid writings, but my book is now in the Apple iBook store, and in the Nook! Yayyy! Go search for Ancient Mondays. Go. At least read the blurb! I’m just making it quick. 🙂

I probably should have structured this better – but let me tell you about this wasp. There’s this wasp that ALWAYS flies into my room when it’s warm and the window’s open. ALWAYS. My cat tried to eat it every time it makes an appearance, but it’s too clever. It never bites me or chases me, just hangs around near the blinds.

I’ve named it. It’s got 3 names. Billy, Bob, Andy and Waspy. I’m leaning towards Andy. The name reminds me of pancakes. My gran makes magic pancakes back in Bulgaria. They’re glorious with salt or jam. Glorious. Oh yeah, I’m also going to Bulgaria on the 21st July! I go every year. I can’t wait. Beaches, sun, relaxation (poker, novel writing, water fights…).


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