Apples and Blackberries and Oranges and Pomegranates

10 May

Everybody seems set on the task to pump out new products named after fruits.

The company Apple. Steve Jobs named it this as he was in the midst of a “fruitarian diet” and thought the simple name was “fun, spirited, and not intimidating“.

This is what the logo used to be:

Then in changed to…

And now…

(the lovely site I used for this Apple info)

What about BlackBerry? I hate that phone brand, purely because it is overrated and SO many people use it. When I go to the gym, everyone’s on their BlackBerry phone, walking calmly on the treadmill while texting. Hello? You’re never going to shed those extra “it’s just baby fat, honey!” 300 pounds that way!

Actually, BlackBerry was not originally a phone, but a two-way pager. It only came out as a cell phone in 2002. One of the naming experts at Lexicon thought the miniature buttons on RIM’s product looked “like the tiny seeds in a strawberry,” Lexicon founder David Placek says. “A linguist at the firm thought straw was too slow sounding. Someone else suggested blackberry. RIM went for it.”[11] Previously the device was called LeapFrog, alluding to the technology leaping over the current competition, and its placeholder name during brainstorm was the PocketLink.


So, Orange. It’s your turn.

I have no clue why they named it orange. Was it after the color or the fruit? Hmm. Here’s a thunk: Was the fruit named after the color, or the color named after the fruit?

Pomegranate!!! The pomegranate phone is a FUTURE phone. It does strange things like making your coffee and shaving your armpits. Just- just take a look.

It seems like it’s also a portable harmonica. This is even worse than the road accident inducing Google glasses!

What I’m saying in all this drabble is…why the hell name everything after a fruit? Vegetables need love too! I don’t see ‘Cucumbers’ or ‘Cabbages’ running around.


In other way way way different news…I published a book. Well, self-published. It’s very short, and I’ll probably make less than a person receiving the minimum wage is paid in a second…but oh well. I plan on writing more, and maybe actually traditionally publishing them.

So I’ll add a new page to this blog with my BOOKS. Oh dear, this blog is starting to be like all those cheesy book review ones. (Just know I’m not a nerd).

It’s about a girl who finds herself in Ancient Egypt. Oh, and it’s sort of a children’s book. But if you want to laugh at my attempt to write, go ahead and click this…
Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Right now it’s on Lulu, but in a bit it’ll be available on the Nook and Apple (oh Apple!) store. So please help out a soul and buy my book!

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