What should my surname be?

06 May

Hey everyone!

I know, I haven’t posted in novemdicillion vigintillion googol centillion googolplex years (valid numbers, I swear). I guess I’v run out of excuses for my departure :/ But oh well, let’s move on!

Bank holiday Monday is tomorrow, so I guess there’s a day off for me! Yay! I can do pointless things like watching 50 more Desperate Housewives episodes! Well, what I’m planning to do is mope around on the dusty corners of the internet, searching for appropriate surnames.

You see, I’v just finished writing my first (very) short book. It’s around 75 pages (36 in Word I think), and it’s this weird tale of this kid who travels back in time to Ancient Egypt. Wooo. I’v had this idea since I was 9 years old (I used to trail around the living room with a backpack, trying to force myself into the character of a lost adventurer).

I think it’s pretty good, and I’d publish it if it wasn’t so short. So I’ve looked into the jolly idea of self-publishing on Lulu! All was great until I stumbled upon the impossible task of finding a pen name. Changing the spelling of my first name to ‘Lydia’ (which is spelt another awesomer way, btw), I could not think of a surname AT ALL. I literally sat around willing myself to think of one for a few weeks, and NOTHING CAME UP. I was actually about to give up and call myself Lydia Noname at one point.

In other news, yesterday I was peacefully trying to charge my iPad with my brain, when this LOUD LOUD LOUD noise kept on getting LOUDER near my window. It sounded like a damn plane about to crash!! I’m not kidding, I was literally praying for God to spare me. It turned out the thing was a fighter jet, practicing for the London Olympics.

Hey! This is my first post from the computer after a few posts from my iPad! It’s good to be back here! Maybe I should name my computer…I name everything that exists. Like that jet up there is now called Barry. But now I want my computer to be called Barry…hmm. Ok, the plane can be Barry F-462 (since all planes have names like that).

I’m gonna go before I expose more of my madness onto this post…bye!

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