Obligatory Easter Stuffing

08 Apr

It’s Easter! Well, I don’t know if it is…you see, where I’m from, it’s Easter next week. However, next week I’m going to this 60s Mustang show. Also, it’s the day before school and I don’t want a moody Easter. So we’re celebrating it today.

I don’t shove food in myself. I don’t over eat. I’m too critical of my body, I mean c’mon, I’m a Virgo. However, on celebrations it’s different. Remember when on Christmas I wrote I was gonna starve the whole day then pig out at dinner? Well, that motive’s made a comeback!

I woke up today to find my parents happily devouring some delicious Easter eggs and other Easterly things along with their breakfast (which looked glorious). I just sat there, staring. I didn’t even have lunch, while they smiled at their garlic bread. Tonight, I’m gonna stuff my pie-hole. I’m gonna eat EVERYTHING!

Anyway, since I’m not eating right now and am STARVING, I needed something to distract myself with, so I played poker. I beat their asses soooo bad! In the end I closed the app, doing a little Michael Jackson dance to celebrate.


Iv seen so many YouTube vids to celebrate Easter, including one with this guy trying all these sweets…which turn out to be so disgusting. I think you should watch it, it’s called Easter Tat Special | Ashens. I would give you a link or put the vid here, but you know what iPads are like.

And since Zeddie Little (ridiculously photogenic guy) is going viral and I’m poker fuelled right now, let’s celebrate that with a meme.


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