I guess I’m just gonna do my ten assignments on Sunday night.

02 Apr

Guess what! I have two weeks off from school! Yes, it’s the long awaited Easter break! I’m gonna have so much fun! If fun means watching tv and laughing at every word my favorite character says the whole day, then yeah, I’m gonna have fun.

I actually made a whole timetable yesterday. It had those fancy columns and writing and ahhh it was nice. Too bad I never used it properly. That timetable went to hell the moment I opened my eyes, a bit later than I was meant to. It was frankly a waste of MB; yes I use my iPad for everything.

The strawberries & cream I made for breakfast turned out horrible. I used sour cream instead of the nice sweet one! I vented out my anger at this by screaming at the characters of One Tree Hill (currently on the telly at that time), but ate it all up anyway. I still feel sick.

I ended up drastically lengthening the periods of ‘computer time’ and ‘Tumblr’, yet incredibly shortening the ‘write essays’ ones once I realised Yahoo!Answers couldn’t help me.

Fortunately, I still managed to squeeze in P90X, TurboFire and Brazil Butt Lift! I’m not letting my sweet body go away that easily!

Woah! I just separated my iPad keyboard in two! Awesome! It’s so confusing writing like this! I feel like I have the temperature and am hallucinating! Time to join the two keyboards together! That’s better!

In other news, I’m starting to write another book! Hopefully I can publish it soon and start throwing money up in the air like confetti, similar to the people in movies.

I guess I’m going to do all my long assignments on Sunday night 12pm, the day before they’re due. Or maybe, the lesson before they’re due! Yes, the library’s great for doing nearly overdue homework! After all, would you want to have a premature baby? No? Then why do homework earlier than it’s due?

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