Don’t worry, who needs sleep anyway? Carry on.

18 Mar

Sleep is precious to me. If I could physically touch it, I would CLING. CLING. Especially now since my brain has lovingly decided to give me awesome dreams. It usually puts me in the middle of a horror game or a gladiator fight so I don’t know why the hell this is happening. Maybe it decided to cut me some slack.

The problem here, is that many things don’t let me sleep. It always has to be something.
Like my parents. My dad, most of the time. JUST as I fall asleep, he BANGS open the door, and shouts out some joke at my mum. A loud laugh proceeds. Then a loud SLAM. And with that slam go my beautiful dreams I had been having till that moment. Everything my dad does is loud as hell.

What about my mum? She has a habit of talking on the phone really, really loudly. Especially in the mornings. And those noisy guffaw laughs are the worst. I love them both, though. I think I’d miss their noisiness if they stopped doing all that.

My mum’s noisy phone call saved me from a tiger once. I was just having a nightmare about the massive cat chasing me through the apartment, and was just about to jump from a window, when her voice seeped through the real world into the dream world. The tiger seemed calmed by all this and gave up the chase. I’m extremely grateful for this, because in all my dreams I can feel pain. Break my hand in a dream, I’ll feel it. Once I scratched myself in a dream, and I woke up with that scratch. AND this is the creepiest thing ever: I had a dream that someone gave me a ring, and I woke up with that ring on my finger :/

In other news, I just read The Hunger Games on my iPad. It says there are 190 pages, and when I finished it in a few hours I was like “oh I am such a badass!”. Then I looked online and found out its actually 384 pages, and fell off my chair. Next up, Catching Fi-


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