Ice Rinks and Cheese

06 Jan

Hey ya’ll! I’m not really from Texas I just felt like saying that. I don’t know why, but whenever I want to say ‘all’ or ‘everyone’, ‘ya’ll’ just jumps outta my mouth.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m apparently going ice-skating with my parents. The closest I’v ever got to ice skating is watching people catapult themselves around the rink trying to act like professional (this was last week :/). My mum promised me we’d go, but thought she’d break her foot.

I thought she was being unfair till she started graphically describing how she wouldn’t like someone to cut off her fingers if she fell. She thinks that if she falls, as she leans down to get back up, some massive ass skates will collide with her fingers and chop em’ off.

I also watched Ratatouille yesterday. It was mega, and my dad was being real weird about it. The mouse’s brother had the same name as his, and the strangest thing was that when they ate something in the movie, my dad went and got it from the fridge.

For example, Remy was snacking on some cheese, and my dad got up and cut some, gleefully offering it to us. He also snagged some wine after glaring at the scene of the boy drinking some. They were eating some unknown bug infested moldy food at some point, and I had to glare at him to not get up and grab some from the behind the toilet.

Guys this week was really tough on me, and I only got 4 hours of sleep last night…yawn. I had a geography exam today, I probably failed.

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