03 Jan

Ok before you all start lecturing on my recent lack of posting…well something happened so I couldn’t post. Let me just start allll the way from the beginning, on New Year’s Eve. I’m going to have to be quick- my iPad’s battery is hella low and my charger has been confiscated into the depths of the unknown.

So I was lying on the sofa, wondering if my stomach would be able to contain any more food. I had just eaten my way through a steak, potatoes, mushroom mush thing (my mum loves that thing so much), fake wine (mum’s idea again, sigh), and this badass salad that consisted of plain yogurt and cucumber. Mm.

I had eaten nothing during the day (just like Christmas eve and Christmas day) so I could get all that it. Still, my stomach had began to protrude a little. This did not please me, but I continued to watch Come Dine With Me joyfully, ignoring my mother’s loud laughs at the narrator’s sarcasm.

Oh and I forgot to add that we had baklava for desert… Omg that delicious thing I don’t even know how I managed to eat it without scoffing the whole plate down as well. So I had another piece. And then we made popcorn. And then I had some more of that badass salad. And then after 12pm, we had banitza. It has lucky slips inside, kind of like fortune cookies but less ‘Yoda’ish. Just the general ‘luck’ or ‘new car’ were included in every slice. I got ‘money’, ‘family happiness’, ‘luck’ and ‘health’ over the course of two days. Of course I had to eat more than one slice šŸ˜€ I was so lucky I had TWO lucky slips in one slice.

The lucky slips banitza was a little creepy as my parents got exactly what they wanted. My mum got ‘new car’, and my dad got ‘luck at poker’. Oh and then my mum got ‘love’, and my dad got 50p. It’s a tradition to put money in there. I’ll put pictures in this post when my computer is handed back to me :/

So we all go to bed happy, but I wake up angrily. Jeez, after two days it would be time for school. In the whole day I only watched Don’t Tell The Bride and Come Dine With Me. I also didn’t eat half the day. Then I went crazy on more banitza and baklava.

Yesterday…I had planned a strike to not eat and not get out of my bed the whole day. This was because my parents wanted to send me to school. I thought they let me be home schooled! Make up your mind…anyway I did stay in my bed the whole day, but I snuck in raisins and salt sticks. Then at dinner my mum made me eat moussaka and bread and then a cracker with cream cheese and an apple. These past few meals have been very irregular.

During that day I got my Internet, computer and charging cables for everything taken away. Great. I’m happy that I hid my iPad and iPod though. The bad thing is that the battery is…slowly going…down…

But I had to write today! I don’t want y’all to think that I ran away with another blog and left you all heartbroken. We’re engaged, remember? šŸ˜€

I also spent a great deal of time on Woah, calm down! I did NOT go on the random or /b/ board. Well, I did, but that was only for like one minute before I stumbled on something…unpleasant, and quickly clicked away. I stumbled onto the paranormal or /x/ board and spent a lot of time there. I read tons of ‘creepypasta’ and am now scarred for life. Yeah. That about sums it up.

Anyway, yesterday night my mum made me choose between staying home today cos I was so traumatised from school, but then I had to go tomorrow, or staying at home and letting social services take me away. Man, I hate decisions! But I chose to stay at home, and my mum phoned the school saying I was ill. And now it’s raining hard outside, and the students are all unhappy and miserable, learning about atoms while I’m at home, writing here happily!

I have to revise at some point… I have a geography exam and god knows what else. But I don’t care, if I’m going to be home schooled soon, why the hell revise for tests which will mean nothing?

Ah…I can’t wait to be home schooled. Getting up at 2pm, doing work in my pyjamas, drinking hot chocolate, watching tv… Fun life.

So I have to leave you there, everyone. I have to commence in my ugly learning journey now. I’ll try and write soon…I don’t know if my battery will last. It could be days or weeks before I get everything back. Please don’t leave this blog, please check back, and I love y’all!


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