There’s no place like Torture Chamber (aka, school)

27 Dec

Afternoon, folks.

Well, if you read my last post you were notified of me wanting to be home schooled. After long-ass researches and practices, I asked my mum.

I was kind of imagining a strong, confident, knowledgeable speech that presented her with tons of facts and statistics about Einstein-like kids, but all that came out was a spring of tears and tons of ‘please!!!’s.

She agreed to research this ‘home school crap!’ (in her words) as long as I promised to visit the doctor in case I have some MASSIVE anxiety problem that prevents me from socializing and going to public school normally. Like wtf? Just because the public Torture Chamber for kids doesn’t suit me, it doesn’t mean I have a long streak of nervous and anxiety disorders.

I don’t, so that’s not a problem, is it? Yup, it is. You see, doctors are known for falsely diagnosing someone of schizophrenia just because they thought they saw their long lost grandma, or anorexia after the scale went down 1 pound.

Their gonna diagnose me with some dire disease and prescribe me medication that makes the pharmacists gasp behind their gentle paws. And that medication, my friends, will make me worse as I actually don’t need it. And then that will lead people to actually believe that I have that disease that I was wrongly diagnosed with.

So fine, I will go to the doctor, but I will definitely not accept any medication, because I am fine without any.

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