We went shopping for 6 hours and came home with a muffin wrapper.

26 Dec

My mum’s Christmas days off started today, so we decided to go shopping to Westfield in London. Bad idea.

It was the metro strike today, so we couldn’t get there. The only thing we could do was catch the 95 bus. We were about to go home, when it just came from nowhere like a freakin’ ghost.

We got on, and it was so friggin’ packed I don’t know how we didn’t come out of there like pancakes. We probably did.

I was happily talking in my language about wanting to smack people and farting and all that lark, when I realized that people from my country were on the bus, right in front of me. -.-

In the actual shopping centre I probably received around 70 bruises from overweight women rushing to buy things half price in the sale.

My goal was to drink coffee and eat croissants with my mum, but all that was available from their stupid shop was jam donuts and cola. Great. In the end all I ate was an apple, and the only thing we bought was a muffin (my mother ate it for lunch). It was blueberry, and looked like a god to my hungry mouth. But of course I didn’t eat it, cos I pigged out yesterday at Christmas. 😀

We got bored and decided to go home, but guess what? There was so much traffic, so much people and the bus was 1 hour late, and didn’t even stop. We had to catch like 40 other buses to get home. On one of them some guy farted in my face while I was sitting down :/

On the bus I was thinking about home schooling myself. It turns out it’s legal, and you can actually do it. School is traumatic for me, so I think that if my parents let me teach myself…wow I’d have the best life ever.

Eating ice-cream while poring over science textbooks, stroking my cat and studying a novel while leaning against the radiator…it all sounds so appealing! Of course my parents will probably mutter something about how ungrateful I am that I’m getting a sound education. Yeah right, as if trying to hear over other people’s screams and shouts all day is a sound education.

In other news, I’v had a change of heart about my Christmas presents. That Nintendo magazine is pretty damn awesome, and the iTunes gift card let me buy Angry Birds and Garage Band! I’v been switching between them non-stop!

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