Christmas Eve!

24 Dec

Tonight is Christmas Eve! I don’t know if any one reading this does this…but in my tradition (I’m from Bulgaria), we sit down to eat meatless things.

It’s called a ritual table, and it has 7, 9 or 11 meatless dishes. They can be: bean soup, cabbage leaves or peppers stuffed with rice, boiled wheat, pumpkin pastry, dried plums, garlic, honey, walnuts, wheat, fruit, rite bread, cheese pastry or cabbage pastry. Some families leave the table set all night – as the dead come for supper (creepy, I know).

The oldest person in the family hands around the ‘ritual bread’ (it’s tastier than chocolate- no kidding!) from the oldest person to the youngest. That means I get my piece last, and by then I’m practically drooling all over the table.

Read more about this here.

Anyway, today I’m barely eating so I can stuff my face at dinner time. If you saw the things served you would want to dive into the food. Don’t try it though, no one appreciates it (learnt it the hard way).

I’v made Christmas cards for my parents, and even decorated the wrapping paper (only to have it ripped apart tomorrow by my parents in the excitement of receiving a new calculator or knitting magazine).

I sure hope that my folks don’t turn on the news while we’re eating, I don’t feel like being updated about the debt crisis or Gordon Brown’s new haircut. I hope they turn on the music channel, I hope they’re playing old Christmas songs, and I really really hope they don’t put on the Justin Bieber Christmas song covers. :/

Have a nice Christmas Eve people, and I’ll post again tomorrow (after drowning in my new socks glorious presents).

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