247 misspellings? I’d do well in the spelling bee…

22 Dec

I use Yahoo Answers. It all started when I wanted a quick solution to the math homework my teacher set the class a few years back. I suck at algebra, so I thought ‘hey, don’t crazy people actually like math on Yahoo Answers?’ and I hopped on to make myself an account.

I’ve never really had an issue with spelling mistakes on it, just the occasional ‘lol’ and ‘thnx’, but today look what found its way to my screen:

Ya know, before that I received an ‘Oops! It looks like you have 67 misspelling(s)’, but I just brushed it off, thinking it said 6 or 7 and my brain was going haywire due to my headache (you try making large Christmas cards for a picky family). But then that sneaky 247 crept up on me.

I damn well hope it was a glitch.

In other news, I’v got a pile of holiday homework I need to be getting on with. I don’t want to elaborate because it’s to do with debt and deficit problems and analyzing some boring-ass text.

The only homework I actually did was revising for my Chemistry, Biology and Physics exams. I watched a bunch of vsauce videos on YouTube. What? They’re scientific… It was successful and I was actually learning things up until I saw a new rwj video.

Anyway, I gotta get back to making those Christmas cards I was supposed to finish three days ago.


PS. I’m gonna try and not laugh at this like a kid.

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