Old videos…REALLY old videos…

20 Dec

Have you seen britishpathe on YouTube? If you haven’t, finish reading this post and then hop over there as fast as you can. Seriously, search up their channel like they’re selling hot cakes.

They post really old videos there, videos even older than that ancient great auntie you have, the one that keeps on getting you pink frilly knickers every Christmas.

Have a look at this fat baby, for example.

Did you see how he immediately sets to work fetching the chocolate? I wonder how the kid grew up…

Look at the phones from 1922:

I wonder what those ladies would have thought if they saw a Blackberry or an iPhone! The old phones were much better, don’t you think? Imagine being made  to carry that around by your parents. Imagine having to go through all that trouble to pick it up! It’d earn you so many missed calls…

And lastly, I leave you with another old video…

Good day…

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