Event of my past

18 Dec

When I was 9 years old, I was quite mischievous. In fact, I kind of admire my younger self for being that way. I was always plotting revenges and doing things like wetting tissues and throwing them so they stuck to the girls’ toilet’s ceiling. 

I was still a pretty wicked kid after what happened to me, but that experience shook my little self a bit. 

I used to hate this girl at my school, we were always shooting daggers and delivering death threats at each other. Eventually this girl became my friend, and we hung out every ‘playtime’ or ‘break’ at school. 

One day she walked over to the lunch box trolley (if we had our own food to eat for lunch, we had to carry it in a lunch box and stack in on a lunch box trolley) and smiled devilishly. She started opening lunch boxes and- I’m not kidding -started looking for food she liked. 

At first I looked at her like she’d grown a pig’s tail (and it would have suited her) or something, but then she invited me to help. I was a mischievous kid, as I said, but I did not want to dig my way through fruit rolls, KitKat bars and sandwiches to help her find food. 

Eventually she smiled triumphantly and held up a packet of sausages, and a smaller packet of ketchup. I remember asking her what she was going to do, and she replied with a short “eat it.” Well, that was my cue to leave, but the girl grabbed my arm and said “let’s go to the girls’ toilets and eat these sausages!” 

Greedy girl. First, it’s so unhygienic. Oh, last week I went to the bathroom to wash my hands, and I saw a whole group of girls pigging out on potato chips and chocolate bars. One was eating ON THE TOILET and the other was sitting IN THE SINK. Back to my past… this girl didn’t seem to mind that all kinds of mutated killer germs could be floating around, ready to crawl into the food. She grinned and opened the packets. 

She leaned against the wall, dipped a sausage into the ketchup and shoved it down her cake-hole (maybe sausage-hole would suit her better). She offered me one, but I refused and continued to stare at her in amazement. 

At last, she managed to convince me and I took one tiny bite out of the sausage. It was horrible. It tasted more like cardboard than sausage. Just as she was joyfully tucking into the food, the bell rang signalling the end of play-time. The girl panicked and SHOVED THE SAUSAGE AND KETCHUP DOWN THE SINK. She mashed it in there, and it looked like a murder scene had happened in the old sink. 

I remember laughing our faces off, and running to class, exchanging knowing glances at each other the whole lesson. 

This could obviously not last after lunch. Just as we were having an art lesson (or was it history?), a teacher waddled in quite confidently and asked the class if anyone had stolen the food of some girl. She explained how the poor kid had been crying that her sausages were gone. This teacher even listed the ingredients of the sausages and the brand name :/ 

Me and the girl shared frightful looks and decided to tell the teacher that it was another girl (the thief even made me say it was my best friend). I secretly was going to tell the teacher that it was the girl (let’s call her A). That teacher made us talk to her in private, alone, one at a time. I spilt the beans on A, even saying that I had a taste of those sausages (to seem like I was telling the truth), and then found out A had lied that I ate the food. 

We were taken to the headteacher’s office, and both shaking, we blamed each other about the stolen sausages. 

THIS BIT WILL STICK WITH ME FOREVER- A’s explanation was: “well…this lunch box JUMPED out of the lunch box trolley, and some sausages JUMPED out of a box…and INTO my mouth.” Everything went silent. 

In the end the teachers sent a phone call home to our parents, and made a decision to make us pay for the eaten sausages. 

Once home, I scrambled up my bunk bed and hid till my mother came home. My mum didn’t even seem mad, she just told me to explain. Tearfully, I told her everything I remembered and we sat down to write a letter to the headteacher. We even went as far as DRAWING how much of the sausage I ate. Jeez. 

We didn’t pay for the food, but the girl with the stolen food cornered me one day and asked me why I stole her ‘tasty sausages’. I quickly said it was A who did, and ran away before sausage-girl could realize it was both of us. 

I didn’t talk to A for AGES, like  three years or so…until last year on MSN she added me and we started reminiscing about those sausages…good times. 

I believe it was these sausages.

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