17 Dec

Ok guys… I’m really really terrible at titles, so I’ll just call this post random. I also don’t know what to blog about right now, so that’s also why it’s called random. 

So right now I’m on my Xmas holidays! 2 weeks of freedom… I wonder what I should do. Yesterday I came home early and sat on the sofa watching Desperate Housewives all day. I do not want my holidays to be that boring every day. 

And right now I’m going to think about all the food I want to eat but can’t…

I ate one of those last year…I don’t think I’ve ever had anything so delicious, seriously. The chocolate was runny and hot and it was amazing… 

Try staring at this for a while and see how much saliva collects in your mouth… 

Yeah…my mouth is watering too. But do you know what I have to eat instead of all this?


Yeah, salad. Because to keep my perfect body in shape I have to not eat chocolate or junk food, and I have to torture myself at the gym. My body looks happy, but my mouth isn’t, trust me. 

And lastly…

MERRY CHRISTMAS…celebrate with this delicious picture. 


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