6 Things I’d like to do in the next few years…

12 Dec

Everyone has something they’d like to do, whether it be to visit ten different countries or kiss the Queen of England (ok, maybe not). If you don’t know what you’d like to achieve or do in the next few years, just think about what would make you happy (or happier).

I’m not really a very happy person right now. So much is going on in my life, I don’t even know what happened yesterday or what will happen in the future. All I know is what’s happening in the present (I’m writing a blog post).

Many people are doing this list thing, where they list the things they would like to do. I want a go. And I’m not going to use a common number like 5 (although it is my fave number) or 10. I’m going to go for a list of 6 things 😀

Write and publish 10 books

I started writing stories at the age of 5, so I really enjoy it. It is quite pleasing to see the word count on a Word document when I finish a book, but having a copy in my hands would make me a much happier person. I plan on using a pseudonym, though.

Win £500,000 at poker

Something less geeky- I’d really really love to win some money playing poker. There’s something very satisfying about smirking and collecting the chips you’ve won, extending a hand out for the money you expect. £1 isn’t enough for me, so of course I had to up it to £500,000.

Buy a classic car

A classic car is going to be my first car- I know it. I hate the faceless machines that are roaming the streets these days. I don’t like the silver paint most of them have, and the backside-less problem most cars face. I’ve got my eye set on a ’67 Mustang 😀



Roadtrip around the dusty roads of the USA

I want this a lot. I want it sooo much. Imagine yourself driving a classic car, feeling the road slip beneath the tyres, sun setting. Led Zeppelin full blast. That brings me on to another hope…

Meet the members of Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin are my favorite band, they’re just awesome. I remember those summers of listening to When the Levee Breaks and Kashmir, lazily gazing into the sea. These guys saved my taste in music- without them I would have had to listen to the dull tuneless mainstream crap they call music these days (don’t shoot- it’s just an opinion!).

Be happy

Does this sound overused to you? Probably, because it is. Everyone wants to be happier than they already are. But the problem with me is that I’m not happy at all. I mean, I have a cozy home and wonderful parents, a computer and all the gadgets I could wish for. I consider myself clever, and could do anything I wanted to. But people that look like they have a wonderful life, usually don’t. They may seem joyful, but on the inside they’re crying. Anyway, less of this ‘oh I hate my life’ drivel, I don’t want this to turn into a hate blog or anything.


Anyway guys, it’s the 12th and I’m really starting to think about Christmas. I’ve made plans to go xmas shopping next Monday (2 weeks off- woo!!). Let’s just hope I don’t get lost on the way to Tesco (like last year).

I’m thinking of changing the banner and other things for a more Christmassy feel later, but we’ll see.

Later 😀

Another Mustang 😀

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