16 Nov

It’s only November 16th, but it seems like the shops don’t know that.

I don’t understand shops. I walk around in Sainsburys, or Next, whatever, and all I see are Christmas posters and Christmas deals. It’s not Christmas yet, there’s a whole month and a half till Christmas.

Yet these people feel the need to start celebrations from now. They encourage us to start our Christmas shopping in the middle of November.

It’s the same with summer. I find clothes shops very bizarre. I don’t know if this happens over where you lot live, but the day after Christmas, shops start loading up on clothes and objects related to the next celebration, whether it be 1 week or 1 year away. Last year, one day after Christmas, we started seeing Valentines Day t-shirts hung up on mannequins.

After Valentines Day passed, Easter related things made their way to the shelves. Same with summer clothes. Exactly after Easter, they started selling flip flops with ice-cream and beach ball cartoons on them. Seriously? I mean are these people for real?

Ok, I guess I’m being quite mean, as I myself can’t wait for the Christmas hits to be playing on the music channels, and find myself groaning out loud when I don’t see them every day.


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