What could the future be like?

15 Nov

I’ve stumbled upon thousands of articles, each sadly and dramatically informing us (falsely?) of our future. Everyone wants to know something about it. Will there be flying cars, will we suddenly mutate into strange beings? What about the end of the world?

Flying Cars

Have you ever thought about whizzing through the sky in a car? I have. I don’t like it. Cars are made for the ground. They’re supposed to be driven, not flown. Planes are for the sky. I seriously hope that flying cars aren’t ever released for sale. Oh. Apparently the ‘American agency for development of advanced military technologies DARPA’ patented a flying car that will be used for the army. Wow, I can imagine Americans flying around, shooting guns and laughing.


I can bet my ass that everyone is at least a tiny bit frightened at the thought of robots in the future. Robots already exist, obviously, but what will they be like a few years later? I sure hope they don’t turn out like the ones in the Terminator movies.

The Japanese have produced many things that have left us staring at the YouTube video advertising it in shock. They’ve even made a nurse robot.

Hopefully, if they make more robots, they’ll use them in a good way, and not to kill us all. Actually, I hope the robots don’t turn against us, as that’s more likely.

Mutated Humans

Wow, that actually sounds scarier in bold. It is highly possible, in my opinion. Scientists are getting pretty curious about our bodies. Everyone is wanting to find out how to enhance their body, stuff like breast enlargers are already being thrown out into the market for god’s sake!

I can imagine the whole scene: A wild crazy scientist “I’ve done it! The test is complete! We now know how to- be careful! You don’t want to knock over the test tube, I told you that it might make the human develop zombie tendencies, and mutate horribly- NO!” And the mutated being suddenly jumps out, rips free from the velcro straps and smashes the glass to the lab, free and untamed.


Finally, probably the thing people secretly fear the most, 2012. I don’t think anything too major is going to happen in 2012. Oh you know, apart from the goddamn apocalypse. Just kidding. But seriously, there are many sites explaining how we can save ourselves from this ‘impending doom’ . One thing I have to say to them. Ok bro, if it’s the end of the world, it’s the end of the world. You can’t freakin’ escape it by having a few extra band-aids or packing a gun. If we’re meant to die, we’re gonna die. End of.

I don’t really know if anything is gonna happen, I can just wait like the rest of you lot. But if it does happen, then see you in heaven (I hope they give out free movie tickets there). Or hell, it depends.


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