15 Nov

I have so many things to do…

For starters, I have to finish reading the novel The Woman in Black for English. I’v got more than half the book left, and it’s already 6:30pm.  Everyone’s been talking about how awesomely it ends :/

I also have to revise Spanish weather. We’re having a test tomorrow, and I can’t seem to revise. No where is safe for revising. I can’t revise in the kitchen, because my parents distract me with their glorious food. I can’t revise on the computer, because sites such as Yahoo! Answers and Tumblr beg for my attention. Not even the bed is safe, I keep falling asleep!

Why does this always happen? I wake up and think “I’m going to do my homework right away, and get it over and done with!” Then I end up dragging myself to the textbooks at 1:30am, only hours away from the deadline.

I guess I have to go do my boring tasks.

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Posted by on November 15, 2011 in Daily Life


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